Without You

Let’s listen to Badfinger.

Badfinger – Without You – Television 1972

Two writers of the song, Ham and Evans, later committed suicide due to legal and financial issues. In Evans’ case, it was a dispute over songwriting royalties for “Without You” that precipitated his action. Songwriting royalties had become the subject of constant legal wrangling for Evans, and In 1983, following an acrimonious argument with his bandmate Joey Molland over the royalties for the song, Evans hanged himself.


Missouri steps up to take the title of Worst State In The Union away from NC!

A new Missouri bill would target abortion providers and sanction employment and housing discrimination against people who use birth control or have an abortion. Blessed be the fruit.

Yesterday, the Missouri House voted to pass SB 5, a bill imposing several highly burdensome and even more unnecessary restrictions on abortion providers; for example, the bill would require abortion providers to send fetal tissue samples to a pathologist within five days. While supporters of targeted restrictions of abortion providers (aka TRAP laws) claim they’re supporting women’s health, regulations like these often serve no medical purpose whatsoever. In reality, anti-choice legislators use them as a pretext to impose costs and red tape on abortion clinics, forcing them to close.

The moral shallowness of American conservatism

Who would’ve expected it?

The conservatives who spent decades moaning about the left’s supposed lack of morality became at best silent, and at worst active defenders, when confronted with Trump’s pussy-grabbing, daughter-lusting and serial-bankruptcies.

And those same conservatives have now tossed aside decades of even pretending to care about things like “national sovereignty and the importance of free and fair elections.

“The intelligence captured Putin’s specific instructions on the operation’s audacious objectives — defeat or at least damage the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and help elect her opponent, Donald Trump.”

Decades of the preening about “family values”? Fuck that, Trump! Decades of distrust of Russia so great that it sometimes became parodic? Fuck that, Trump!

Power is all that matters, apparently. Well, that and beating liberals.

What’s the opposite of privilege?

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and local news outlet Fox2Now, a white St. Louis police officer shot a black off-duty officer from his own force after a car chase ended in a crash outside the off-duty officer’s home.

The African American officer, who has not yet been identified, came outside of his home while off-duty after hearing the commotion from a car chase that ended nearby. Despite identifying himself as a cop, the man was ordered to the ground by two officers. He complied, and soon after, they recognized him and told him to get up.

That was when a third officer entered the scene, and because he did not recognize the black off-duty cop and claimed to “fear for his safety,” shot the off-duty cop in the arm.

Guy’s a real radish-muncher

If you like your coffee black, you may be someone who prefers strong flavours, takes good care of their health, or just wants to drink their coffee the way it’s supposed to be drunk.

new study published in the journal Appetite, which found a correlation between a love of black coffee and sadist or psychopathic tendencies.

And it isn’t just black coffee that should ring alarm bells – the study also found participants who reported a fondness for radishes, celery and tonic water were also more likely to exhibit antisocial traits.


If you’re daydreaming about buying a home or need to lower the payment on the one you already have, you might pay a visit to the Quicken Loans mortgage calculator. You’ll be asked a quick succession of questions that reveal how much cash you have on hand or how much your home is worth and how close you are to paying it off. Then Quicken will tell you how much you’d owe per month if you got a loan from them and asks for your name, email address, and phone number.

You might fill in the contact form, but then have second thoughts. Do you really want to tell this company how much you’re worth or how in debt you are? You change your mind and close the page before clicking the Submit button and agreeing to Quicken’s privacy policy.

But it’s too late. Your email address and phone number have already been sent to a server at “murdoog.com,” which is owned by NaviStone, a company that advertises its ability to unmask anonymous website visitors and figure out their home addresses. NaviStone’s code on Quicken’s site invisibly grabbed each piece of your information as you filled it out, before you could hit the “Submit” button.

Actually I’ve always assumed this was happening.

Apple’s Tim Cook asked President Trump for coding requirement at US schools – report

On one hand:

At a Monday technology summit with U.S. President Donald Trump, Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly suggested making programming a mandatory subject in the country’s schools.

Mandatory? Not sure about that. Strongly promoted, certainly.

On the other:

A bill has been filed to authorize the [North Carolina] State Board of Education to develop and offer a firearm education elective course for high school students.

The document, dated April 5, says,”The State Board of Education shall develop and identify a comprehensive firearm education course that can be offered as an elective at the high school level.”

As long as guns are legal, people should be trained in how to properly use them!

I would not want to be a high school gun instructor, however.