Theft And Theft

New Jersey police charged one lone Sears clerk for stealing —and then trying to sell —$3.7 million worth of goods from a warehouse, The Daily Mail reported on Monday.

The publication said Kim Watson, 32, was arrested on Friday and allegedly sold high-end merchandise from the Sears Distribution Center in Logan Township, New Jersey. An investigation found items from bedding to kitchen appliances missing from the warehouse.

Police believe the merchandise was sold to a network working around the tri-state area. Watson was charged with second degree theft.

Aside from the fact that you could find $3.7M worth of stuff in a Sears warehouse, what sticks out is that $3.7M only gets you second degree theft charge. What could it take to get a first degree charge?

Well, according to the Warren Law Firm, in New Jersey, 2nd degree theft is anything above $75K.

What does that leave for first degree?

The property stolen is human remains or any part thereof; except that, if the human remains are stolen by deception or falsification of a document by which a gift of all or part of a human body may be made pursuant to P.L.2008, c.50 (C.26:6-77 et al.), the theft constitutes a crime of the first degree.

Heh. Eew.


Nikon N80, 105mm macro, Fuji Neopan 1600, hundreds of spiders (repost)

Artist Statement
Captivated by technological devices and strategically branded products, his vacant and desensitized subjects appear before industrial factories, in television newsrooms, hyper-urban cityscapes or the bucolic countryside. cleek’s photographs suggest that, in our culture, it is impossible to escape (even briefly) from corporate influence. In this exhibition, the artist expands upon themes of consumerism, industrialization and the omnipresent media, carefully treading the line between imaginary dreamscape and sociopolitical commentary. His work represents the psychological state of contemporary society and our inability to exist in the present moment.

Dear Ryan Murphy,

If I wanted to watch Glee, I’d watch Glee. But I hate Glee. I watch American Horror Story, in part, because it’s not Glee. AHS is (err, wasn’t) a show where people do a lot of lip-syncing.

That “Name Game” scene was fun, in season two. And it was fun because it was completely unexpected. But two songs in the first two episodes of season 4, and at least two more on the way, is just obnoxious.

I realize it’s too late now, but you really should’ve consulted me before you started this.

Monday Cat Blogging

Nikon D100, 50mm, cat, photons, mid-level ceramic tile, tinted grout (repost)

Artist Statement
Often it is not what is said but how it is said that makes a photograph successful. Luminosity, atmosphere, poetry, craftsmanship, joy, life, cats, vegetables and frequently the side of my thumb – These are the cast of characters in my photographs. Most artists use light, color and design to express what they want to say about the objects in their paintings, I do just the opposite in my work. I use subject matter – apples, flowers, trees, mountains, portraits and cats – to explore the possibilities of light and space and poetry and cats. Some artists photograph prose, some photograph poetry, some photograph themselves in fantastic costumes, some photograph their cats (but not my cats). There are artists who feel the more details they photograph, the more accurately they describe something, the more successful their photographs will be. Others, like myself, prefer to express things in the most elegant way possible: with cats. Some artists photograph facts, some photograph metaphor. I photograph cats, sometimes.


A gamergate is a reproductively viable female worker ant that is able to reproduce with mature males when the colony is lacking a queen. Most commonly occurring within the primitive species of the poneromorph subfamilies, gamergate females differ from their fellow workers by a combination of elevated fecundity and aggression-related mutilation of competitors’ secondary sexual characteristics. Subsequent to their first mating event, however, aggression is no longer needed as females secrete chemical signals that lead the workers to accept their role as reproducers for the colony.

And now you know.

Having Fun with Elvis on Stage

Having Fun with Elvis on Stage is a 1974 live album by Elvis Presley.

The album is unique among Elvis’ recordings as it does not contain any actual songs: it consists entirely of byplay recorded between numbers, although Elvis is frequently heard humming or singing “Well…”, which during the actual performances led into songs that have been edited out of this recording. Much of the album consists of Elvis making jokes, with the material spliced in a manner that has been described as lacking continuity and nearly devoid of comprehensibility, let alone humor.

You Yes You

Let’s listen to tUnE-YaRdS!

You’re welcome.

Mrs. unexpectedly left me with a night to myself last night, so I looked to see who was playing at the Cat’s Cradle. It was tUnE-YaRdS, who I’d never heard. After a brief sampling at the iTunes store I figured they’d probably be a lot of fun to see. But, too many people had already came to the same conclusion, and the show was sold out. Alas.