More Wacky Thai Stuff

Cause they so wacky.


Literally every cab driver asked if we’d seen ‘ping pong’ girls (use your perverted imagination). I suspect cabbies get paid for bringing people there, the same way they get a cut if they bring you to sneaky tailors or to any of the tourist spots that they carry brochures for (and try to push on you). One member of our group went to see ‘ping pong’, but he didn’t actually get to see it because getting to the … action … involved running a gauntlet of tourist traps and scams and overpriced drinks and propositions, and he gave up before he got to ‘ping pong’. He did get to see lots of prostitutes though. They work as hostesses in the clubs, and for a fee, you can take them off-site. Technically this is illegal, and the club has to pay a fine if they do this. So, when you take a girl off-site, you’re really paying the fine ahead of time (plus some to the club, I’m sure).

He’s Not Here

On our way to Thailand, stopped after our first leg, at Dulles airport in DC, I looked at my phone and noticed I just got a new voicemail. How exciting – nobody ever calls me. The voicemail was from an officer at the IRS looking for some guy with a very African-sounding name: a name which I can’t even begin to decipher since the IRS guy had a heavy Indian accent and was having a hard time pronouncing it himself. The intended recipient was being informed that he needs to contact the IRS because there are multiple Federal charges levied against him and his identity is in question. Sucks to be you!

Last night I got another call from the IRS. This one was automated, but said that the person is in violation of his (?) visa and will be deported.

If it was any other organization, I might be tempted to call them back and tell them they have the wrong number. But there’s no way I’m going to step into this.

Update: h.t. Ugh, prolly a scam


Today in odd deities:

Shitala (Sheetala), also called Sitala (शीतला śītalā), is a Hindu goddess widely worshipped in North India, West Bengal, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan as the pox-goddess. She is the Goddess of sores, ghouls, pustules and diseases, acclaimed by Hindus.


A class action complaint alleged the makers of Iowa’s Templeton Rye whiskey lied to customers and charged them a premium price for a product that isn’t really made in Iowa.

Templeton Rye Spirits, LLC, is headquartered in Templeton, a small town in Carroll County, Iowa. They own a distillery there, but a complaint filed in Cook County, Illinois alleged Templeton Rye whiskey is actually distilled and aged at a factory in Indiana where whiskey is also distilled and aged for “dozens of other brands.”

Add a splash of Luxardo and a bit of Cointreau you’ve got yourself a nice drink. It’s somewhere between an old fashioned and a Manhattan. I call it a “Saratoga Radio” because that’s what we hear the woman sing in the BSG intro.

Negativity Bias

Negative events affect us more than positive ones. We remember them more vividly and they play a larger role in shaping our lives. Farewells, accidents, bad parenting, financial losses and even a random snide comment take up most of our psychic space, leaving little room for compliments or pleasant experiences to help us along life’s challenging path. The staggering human ability to adapt ensures that joy over a salary hike will abate within months, leaving only a benchmark for future raises. We feel pain, but not the absence of it.


Please Proceed, Governor

Romney is talking with advisers, consulting with his family, keeping a close eye on the emerging ’16 Republican field, and carefully weighing the pluses and minuses of another run. That doesn’t mean he will decide to do it, but it does mean that Mitt 2016 is a real possibility.

Nearly all of Romney’s 2012 circle of advisers, finance people, and close aides remains intact. Many developed an extraordinary loyalty to Romney, who, in turn, has kept in close touch with them. Romney talks to some of them quite frequently in conversations that cover daily news, foreign and domestic policy, Hillary Clinton, the Republican field — everything that might touch on a 2016 campaign. “Virtually the entire advisory group that surrounded Mitt in 2012 are eager for him to run, almost to a man and a woman,” says one plugged-in member of Romneyland.


Start Your iPods

Five. Because it’s half of ten.

  1. Modern Jazz Quintet – Autumn In New York. It’s just around the corner! I’m wary, though. The summer was cool, here. And so I suspect it will be a cold fall and a very cold winter. And that means $$$$$s for heating gas.
  2. Jimi Hendrix – 51st Anniversary. I like the music, but the words are a little strange.
  3. Allison Krauss & Union Station – Shield Of Faith. Is it weird that, though an atheist, I like gospel tunes?
  4. Sigur Ros – (Intro). It’s nearly silent. Not much of an intro.
  5. Merle Travis – Cannonball Rag. Damn, that dude could play.

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