Government Center

Had to renew my driver’s license. So, I got up early, got to the DMV at 7:45 – 15 minutes before the doors opened. There were 25 or 30 people already in line. After the doors opened, it took me 30 minutes to get to the check-in desk to get my number.

And they called my number at 2:17. Took 13 minutes to do my paper work and I was out of there in a quick 6 and a half hours! It could have been worse.

Drove over to the Social Security Admin office because I needed a replacement SS card. That took five minutes.

So, let’s listen to Modern Lovers!

the MODERN LOVERS "Government Center" 1972

You’re welcome.

MAGA, Bitches

Original story, posted Friday, July 27, 2018: On the evening of Thursday, July 26, 2018, an Ocracoke resident shared a photo on Facebook. It was of a “Trump 2020” flag flying aboard the M/V Frisco, a ferry that runs between Ocracoke and Hatteras.
Mayhem ensued. Politics can be ugly.

The photo made the rounds on Facebook and was shared to the NCDOT Ferry Division’s Facebook page. I know I wasn’t the only one, but in the interest of full disclosure, it’s important to note that I brought the photo to the attention of Jed Dixon, deputy director of the NCDOT Ferry Division.

Captain and crew were suspended for seven days without pay.

This showed up in my FB feed today. And in the comments was this from a friend of a friend:

XXX XXXXX If you are interested in knowing WHY this happened on July 26….here you go: My family and I (group of 13) are on our way to take the ferry….one employee hears us speaking French and makes an unacceptable comment to the following vehicule referring about us as M**** F****’s….we do speak both languages and found this to be completely inappropriate and unacceptable….we reported the incident to the manager. The employee was visibly angered about the reporting….the flag flying was done later that day….intolerance does not have a place in 2018…food for thought….

3D Boom

As courts consider whether an Austin man can legally publish gun blueprints online for people to print their own guns at home, Michael Lynn says many plans are already out there, including a basic pistol called the Liberator, which he printed.

It took 36-hours and $10 worth of plastic to print 13 pieces that he assembled into the pistol. That convenience is what worries critics. But the quality of fully printed plastic firearms is another issue.

“People have test fired this gun as we’re about to and it blows up on the very first bullet that they put through it. A lot of people are holding this in their hand and that’s like holding an M80 [firecracker]. It’s just very dangerous,” he added.

We took him to Eagle Gun Range in Farmer’s Branch where owner David Prince wanted to see this printed plastic pistol for himself and agreed to let Michael test fire it. He added a one-inch roofing nail as the firing pin and then inserted a single .380-caliber bullet into the barrel.

On the range, we set up several cameras to see what would happen as Prince put that pistol in a vise and tied a string around the trigger to pull it from a distance.

After moving everyone back for safety, Prince pulled the string to fire the pistol and the gun blew itself apart. “First reaction? Wow. Pretty cool,” Prince said.

In slow-motion, the plastic pistol exploded in every direction. “I’m glad we used a string,” Prince said smiling.

Perhaps plastic pistols are a self-solving problem.

To Lay Me Down

Let’s listen, first, to Jerry Garcia!

Jerry Garcia – "To Lay Me Down" from Garcia

And then to the Cowboy Junkies!

Cowboy Junkies-To Lay Me Down

You’re welcome.

(i’ve suddenly remembered that Mrs and I once sat next to the Junkies at a restaurant, while we were all eating dinner before their show. they all had the appropriate number of arms, legs and heads)

Monday cat blogging


The one where Pete tries on a pair of shorts.

Pete wakes up with the sun. So, about an hour before I want to get up. And then he starts getting into things – doing all the things he knows we don’t want him to do. So I feed him and let him run around on the screened porch while I close the bedroom doors and go back to sleep.

But he knows how to open pocket doors. And if he can’t open a door, he’ll just bang on it. He also knows how to close standard hinged doors. And so he’s locked himself in rooms, multiple times. Sometimes with Pepper.

Secret Menu

We were on a roadtrip Sunday AM and stopped at McDonald’s for some breakfast. I ordered a chicken biscuit. We were a mile or so down the road when I opened the wrapper and discovered … a biscuit that contained:

  1. one of those strange McDonald’s folded-egg-blanket things
  2. a hamburger
  3. with cheese
  4. and grilled onion (not those little minced raw onions McDs usually uses)

None of which go on a chicken biscuit.

As a bonus, it was in a “Sausage Burrito” wrapper.

But, I was hungry. So, I tried it. And, it was magical.

I’ve looked at a few web sites which claim to list all the items on McD’s “secret menu”, but this isn’t on any of them.

But, it rocks.

I feel bad for whoever was expecting to get their magic cheeseburger egg biscuit and ended up with a boring chicken biscuit instead.


In his first year as President, Trump made 2,140 false claims, according to the Post. In just the last six months, he has nearly doubled that total to 4,229. In June and July, he averaged sixteen false claims a day. On July 5th, the Post found what appears to be Trump’s most untruthful day yet: seventy-six per cent of the ninety-eight factual assertions he made in a campaign-style rally in Great Falls, Montana, were “false, misleading or unsupported by evidence.”