Stupid Shitty Drives

Here’s something a Solid State Drive can do that I’ve never seen a normal drive do: when shut down due to a system crash, silently sprinkle an untold number of read errors all over the file system.

And you won’t know about it until you notice that a some apps have started failing in strange ways, that random files have become corrupt, that Visual Studio will start, but it won’t compile anything because some DLL somewhere is broken.

And then you look in the system events logs and notice the hundreds of read errors.

How can you tell which apps were affected without running them and testing every bit of functionality? You can’t! How do you know if parts of Windows itself were affected? You can’t!

This is an exciting time to own a PC.

Praise the rich, for they are your betters

I think Jesus said that.

On yesterday’s radio broadcast, Bryan Fischer read from a recent Wall Street Journal article reporting that the top 1% of Americans account for nearly 30% of all federal tax revenue.

To Fischer, the poor and middle class families in this country "ought to be kissing the ground on which [the rich] walk" because it is the top 1% that is paying for EBT cards and food stamps and federal housing.

The rich, Fischer asserted "ought to be given ticker tape parades once a week in all of our major cities to thank them for funding welfare for everybody"


Collector Man

There it was.

The big square box from Touch And Go.

The boxed set had arrived.

Left on his driveway by the lazy postman.

The rain waited until he could bring it inside.

But no longer.

Inside, he cut the paper tape.

With scissors from the drawer.

With scissors from the junk drawer.

And inside the box.

Was the foam. The dry, brittle foam.

So white. So squeaky.

So arrangeable.


Signed. Remastered. With DVD. Three LPs. Two CDs.

104 page photo book.

Replica 1989 tour shirt made from the original silk screen.

Collector bait.

Collected. Hooked.

I have you.

I have you.

I Have You!

Slint – Nosferatu Man (Studio Version)