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What’s The Dumbest Thing A Libertarian Has Ever Said?

Voting Is Immoral

Which brings us back to election day. Almost every politician with his or her name on the ballot—and certainly every politician with much of a chance of winning office at the state or national level—will use that power to engage in political acts via the state that clearly lack moral legitimacy. That’s because he or she will use government to enforce preferences instead of limiting the state to that narrow role there’s even a chance of justifying morally. What about voting defensively, like the old man hoping to keep his money? Except for those who genuinely embrace the radically limited government that has a prayer of passing moral muster, every politician represents a bundle of policies. Some are the political equivelant of “Let’s not take his money,” but most aren’t. Most are rights-violating and immoral. Even by voting defensively, you endorse innumerable wicked aggressions against your fellow men.

If you cast a vote today, there’s a pretty high chance that in morally significant ways you’re acting just like those friends mugging the old man. You may think there are good reasons for doing this, that a world where you vote for violations of basic human dignity and autonomy will be more livable—happier, freer, wealthier, more equal—than one where you don’t. But you’re still party to countless immoralities. You’re still expressing approval as politicians fail to live up to basic moral standards—and as they do so in your name.

This and other drooling idiocy can be found wherever libertarians gather.

The top level domain

Someday, we’ll learn that most bacteria communicate with other bacteria. And then we’ll learn how to move these communications through whatever the internet is called at the time. And then we’ll have to create a .bacteria top level domain so they can chat with each other.

Ryley Walker hates Leonard Cohen

“Fuck this guy”

There is a mood for this album.
It’s songwriting with a capital-S.

I’ve never really listened to Cohen. But from what I have heard, I gotta agree.

Oh, is fun allowed in this band? I didn’t know. I don’t even hate downer shit. I’m a huge Nick Drake and John Martyn fan—any of those sad fuckers. But for some reason, Leonard Cohen seems like the guy at a party who just talks about his shit to you to the point where you’re like, “I don’t know, man. I just want to grab another beer. I don’t want to talk about the socio-political state of the world.

He’ll Make a Fine Crossing Guard

On Wednesday, DC law student Amy Currotto announced to the world in a Facebook post, “BERNIE SANDERS I KID YOU NOT STOPPED ME FROM GETTING HIT BY A CAR ON MY WAY TO MY GUITAR LESSON.” Her alleged near-death experience and subsequent selfie with the Vermont senator quickly went viral, and like a lot of people, we here at VICE had about 200 questions: Did he vault over a moving car, dodging traffic at superhuman speed to whisk her away from danger? Did he throw himself in front of her, raising a single palm to some bus driver inches away from mowing her down? Could he have sprinted out into the street, scooped her into his arms, and carried her to safety, Spiderman-style?

Now can we be done with this fuggin guy?

Listening To

  • Ryley Walker – Deafman Glance – On this one, he leaves a lot of the pastoral 70s folk sound behind and takes up the more experimental sounds of John Fahey and those that followed him, like Gastr Del Sol, et al. Still great stuff.

    Ryley Walker – Telluride Speed (Official Audio)

  • Paul Simon – In The Blue Light – He pulled some of the deep cuts from past albums and re-did them with very soft, mellow and spare instrumentation, leaving his voice and lyrics up front. I like to think of it as a recording of him doing a show at a very small club with a new band. Like, it’s not the official Paul Simon show, it’s just a bit of him fooling around with his songs for the fun of it.

    Paul Simon – Can't Run But (Audio)

  • The J Geils Band – The Morning After. Classic 70s white-guy R&B. They were a hell of a band.

    J Geils Band – Looking for a Love

  • The Internet – Hive Mind Overall, it’s not quite as catchy as their last record, but I find myself listening to it every day anyway. I really dig that funky super-compressed guitar that shows up on most songs.

    The Internet – Come Over (Official Video)

  • Interpol – The Marauder. Keeping up that spiky gothy thing they’ve always been so good at.