I'm Not Sure

But this might be the most horrifying thing I've ever heard.

The comments on YouTube are 99% positive. And not just "Wow. Neat" but "im THRILLED and AMAZED", "I began to appreciate it more and more, eventually coming out of it with chills to the bone", "TRULY Obsessed. This rendition is everything!", "Absolutely BRILLIANT".

Makes me wonder if I might be insane.

Step By Step

The people behind these anti-CRT bills have admitted that they are part of a larger strategy to undermine our confidence in public education and advocate for privatizing education. For example, Christopher Rufo, the architect of the right-wing crusade against CRT, is “preparing a strategy of laying siege to the institutions” that will lead to parents having “a fundamental right to exit” public schools. In practice, this means using CRT to promote private school vouchers.

By an amazing coincidence:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) recently signed legislation that might radically undermine the state’s education system by making Florida’s already robust school voucher program the largest and most expensive in the country.