The Secrets That You Keep

If Trump took nuclear docs to share with, ex, the Saudis, he would certainly have needed help inside the WH to find the docs that would be of interest to them. Because, Trump himself certainly doesn't know the technology, so he wouldn't know which info the Saudis would want. And he probably wouldn't know where to find such documents in the first place. He would have needed a technical expert with some knowledge of how the government stores classified info in order to get the good stuff. Taking everything would be an option, but that's probably hundreds of boxes of stuff.

But still, that first "If" is important.


Here's the most generous take I can come up with:

One of the myths in Republicanism is that Obama ran off to Chicago with millions upon millions of documents. And it's true, he did! He absolutely did. That probably made Trump think he could and should do the same, and that the National Archives and DOJ were just being partisan when they told him to give the documents back.

What Trump is missing, because the Republican myth ignores this, is that all of those Obama documents were cleared by the National Archive, to go to the Obama Presidential library, where they are still maintained by the National Archive. And that's standard procedure. Trump didn't get the documents cleared, and he has no Presidential library. He just grabbed a bunch of documents and took off. And he thinks that fine because he doesn't live in reality; he lives in the Republican mythology, where the tales say Democrats get away with everything, so he should feel free to be just as lawless.

A President can't actually unilaterally declassify nuclear secrets anyway. They always have to go through DoE, first.

Harry PotterĀ  Gen Z Edition

Chapter One


Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, liked flexing that they were very basic, thank u. Tbh they were the last people you'd think would be sus, because they were all fax no printer.

Mr. Dursley was adulting at a firm called Grunnings, which made drills.

He was a dummy thiccc (w/ three Cs) man with hardly any neck, although he had an absolute unit of a mustache. Mrs. Dursley was a total Karen with zero chill and had hella neck, which came in very useful when she was stalking her neighbours and not minding her own.

The Dursleys had a future incel of a son named Dudley who they thought was the main character. The Dursleys were mostly thriving, but they also had lowkey tea which didn't pass the vibe check and their greatest fear was to get called out and cancelled. They were girlbossing too close to the sun and didn't think their clout could bounce back if their fam, the Potters, were revealed. Milf Lily Potter was Mrs. Dursley's sis, but Mrs. D had gone ghost; irl (no cap) Mrs. D fronted she didn't have a sis, because Lil and her deadbeat mans were straight up cringe. If the neighbors ever peeped the Potters, it'd be a big yikes. Lowkey the Dursleys knew the Potters had their own crotch goblin, too, but they'd never peeped. This bb was fr a solid reason 2 keep the in-laws yote; they didn't want Dudley mixing with a gross being like that.

When Mr. and Mrs. Dursley woke up on the dull, gray (fight me) Tuesday our lore opens, the cloudy overlay didnt vibe like strange and mysterious things would be happening all over the country. Mr. Dursley hummed as he picked out his most boring tie for work, and Mrs. Dursley spilled the tea as she was tryna put a screaming Dudley into his heckin high chair.

None of them noticed a chonky, tawny owl flutter past the window.