The Meteor

New hobby: Dyeing disc golf discs!

This is the fourth one I've tried, but the first one I've liked.

Takes 24 hours for the dye to set, so it's a test of patience.

Truth Bomb!


Trump has started (yet another?) social media site. It's just another twitter clone running on off-the-shelf open-source software. But on Trump's special site, a comment isn't a comment. No, on Trump's site, a comment is a Truth.

And yes, someone already walked in off the street and claimed the "realdonaldjtrump" account.

Frankenstein's Pedant

Nobody gets prickly if you say "I ran over the pedant in my Ford" instead of "I ran over the pedant in my Ford-brand automobile". Likewise, it is perfectly grammatically and logically correct to say "Frankenstein disemboweled the pedant" instead of "Frankenstein's monster disemboweled the pedant".

"Frankenstein" is a synecdoche for "Frankenstein's monster" (or "a Frankenstein-brand monster") the same way "Ford" is a synecdoche for "Ford-brand automobile."