Unocking Sompoized With Wour Pogriey

The Kindle marketplace is being overrun by books that are clearly written by AI, with obvious AI covers. Most of the ads I've seen have been for kids' books. But now they've moved into self-help:

2 thoughts on “Unocking Sompoized With Wour Pogriey

  1. Nooneithinkisinmytree

    Schmousgoid splenarian uckfay subhuman conservatism, verminous libertarians, white nationalist freeloading Texan genocidal, rapist Christians with fake gynecology certificates, and algorithmic overpaid pinhead artificial stupidity purveyors.

    Bacteria, all four deadly strains up America’s fundament eating us alive.

    One wonders if the the Unabomber was on to something.

    “It will become all one thing, or all the other.”
    Abraham Lincoln, 1858, referring to the Union.

    “I know, and you know, that a revolution has begun. I know, and all the world knows, that revolutions never go backwards.”

    William H Seward, 1858, seeing vividly the murderous cataclysm building it’s storm clouds on the near horizon.

    The verdict of not-guilty to murderer Kyle Rittenhouse, and the pardon granted to convicted murderer Daniel Perry by Texas Governor, chief Cripple, and self-appointed gynecologist and immigrant-slayer, Greg Abbott of the White Comanche territory of Texas, AND every loosening of gun laws by the current Taney Supreme Court is sending a stark message that the malignant conservative movement, every much as religiously terrorist as Hamas and Netanyahu’s IDF combined, intends to murder every trace of liberalism and moderation in the former state of mind called America.

    MAGA commanders Trump, Johnson, and their tens of millions of traitorous operatives leading Putin’s genocidal western front on American soil against Ukraine and ultimately all of Europe intend to remove and eliminate all of their enemies here and in Europe from the face of the Earth.

    Lincoln and Seward prophesied from three years out.

    We have five months plus left, regardless of the vote count in November.

    Godamin entp suiccess, my pretties.

    AI auto-correct and AI proper need to get on the same effing page.

  2. nooneithinkisinmytree

    “it’s” should be “its”.

    That’s purely natural stupidity on my part, a human foible, the kind I like.

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