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More Like This, Please

Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego and GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene got into a heated Twitter exchange this week, exposing the deep anger still roiling the ranks of Congress after the Capitol riot on January 6.

After Greene, the freshman Republican from Georgia who's embraced a host of far-right conspiracy theories, called her Democratic colleagues "the enemy within" in a tweet on Sunday, Gallego said Greene was aligned with the Capitol rioters.

"I was trying to figure what type of pen to stab your friends with if they overran us on the floor of the House of Representatives while trying to conduct a democratic transition of power," Gallego said. "So please shut your seditious, Qanon loving mouth when it comes to who loves America."

Gallego, a Marine combat veteran from Arizona, helped colleagues with their gas masks as Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in January. He also provided shelter in his office to several journalists after they were denied entry into a safe room.

You Don't Know Me!

Is there a name for the fear that watching a random video on YouTube will cause YouTube flood your 'recommendations' list with similar videos?

There should be.

For example, that one video I watched about a boat getting swamped by a monster wave was pretty cool - but now half of YouTube's recommendations are about boats, ships, sailing, oceanography, etc., and I just don't care about that stuff. I can tell YouTube to not recommend them, one at a time. But that's a drag.

Likewise, clicking an item on Amazon out of curiosity leads Amazon to start recommending everything related to that item.

It's like that time when you were 13 and you made an off-hand remark about thinking that one song on the radio was cool, and then your aunt gave you records from that band every birthday and Christmas for six years.

You should be able to casually look at something without being tagged as someone who needs to see a dozen more examples of that same thing.

Expecto Prisonum

According to police, 23-year-old Nastasia Snape was driving northbound in the area of 4000 North Ocean Boulevard. at approximately 10:20 p.m. when she drove her car off the road and onto a sidewalk.

That’s when, according to an arrest report, Snape hit the victim, who was walking southbound on the sidewalk.

The victim has been identified by authorities as Sandra Feuerstein. She was rushed to Delray Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.


Police said Snape did not stop her car after hitting Feuerstein.

She continued going, striking a 6-year-old boy who was crossing Ocean Boulevard in the crosswalk, before re-entering the roadway and continuing northbound, according to police.

There was no update in an arrest report on the condition of the boy.


Police said Snape exited the vehicle and while being treated by first responders, began screaming and fighting with medics, stating that she was “Harry Potter.”

John Boehner Is Out Of Fucks To Give

This excerpt from his new book is pretty great.

In the 2010 midterm election, voters from all over the place gave President Obama what he himself called “a shellacking.” And oh boy, was it ever. You could be a total moron and get elected just by having an R next to your name—and that year, by the way, we did pick up a fair number in that category.

Retaking control of the House of Representatives put me in line to be the next Speaker of the House over the largest freshman Republican class in history: 87 newly elected members of the GOP. Since I was presiding over a large group of people who’d never sat in Congress, I felt I owed them a little tutorial on governing. I had to explain how to actually get things done. A lot of that went straight through the ears of most of them, especially the ones who didn’t have brains that got in the way. Incrementalism? Compromise? That wasn’t their thing. A lot of them wanted to blow up Washington. That’s why they thought they were elected.

Some of them, well, you could tell they weren’t paying attention because they were just thinking of how to fundraise off of outrage or how they could get on Hannity that night. Ronald Reagan used to say something to the effect that if I get 80 or 90 percent of what I want, that’s a win. These guys wanted 100 percent every time. In fact, I don’t think that would satisfy them, because they didn’t really want legislative victories. They wanted wedge issues and conspiracies and crusades.