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Favorite Record List - Nearing The Finish!

Right now, we're within 500 votes of wrapping this up. Which means we'll probably be done tonight. Sweet!

I'll try to get the results posted ASAP. But, I've got a show to go to tonight, so I might not be able to get to it till tomorrow AM. And the more detailed stats will have to wait till the weekend, probably.

In the meantime, besides the basic top X list, are there any interesting data bits you'd like me to try to extract from the vote logs?

I was thinking about:

  • graphing the scores of the top 20-ish records throughout the voting process.
  • showing win/loss/tie counts for each of the top X.

And, what do you think is a good X ? 20? 50? 100? The whole thing?

2011 ok-cleek Readers' Record Poll

It's on!

We have ~120 ~140 ~150 records in the poll (including a few duplicates). And the voting page is ready for your attention.

How it works:

  1. You'll be shown two records, at random.
  2. Many of the records have links to pages where you can listen to them (or songs from them, or Amazon previews, etc).
  3. Many will show cover art, many don't.
  4. If a record doesn't have a link or artwork, an 'update links' option will appear and you can add a link / artwork link, if you want.
  5. Each will have a 'Best' 'Better' button underneath. Click the one you like best.
  6. A 'Better' counts as a win for the record you choose and a loss for the other.
  7. If you truly can't decide, click 'Tie'. Ties count in the ranking.
  8. If you don't have an opinion, you can 'Skip'. Skips don't count for anything, and are not recorded.
  9. Vote as much as you like. The more, the better, in fact.
  10. I'll leave this up until November 1st October 10th or we get 10,000 14,000 votes: whichever comes first.
  11. Submissions are still open, if you still want to submit records. I'll leave it open till Monday PM. Submissions are closed!

So... Here's The Voting Form !

Vote early. Vote often.

(It's actually kindof addictive)

Readers' Record Poll - Submissions Reminder

Just a reminder: submissions for the 2011 Readers' Favorite Record Poll are open, for the next three days.

I'll be closing submissions, so voting can begin, on October 1st. That's this Saturday. Three days left!

More details, here.

Don't miss out! It's the chance of a lifetime! All the joys of making a list, plus filling out a web form (plenty of opportunity for copy-paste action, there!) and the chance to vote your own picks to the top! Good times! Precious memory possibilities!

ok-cleek Readers 2011 Favorite Records Poll

The submission lines are open! Gather up your all-time favorite records list and prepare it for battle!

The rules are here:

  1. You can submit up to ten records. Less, if you like.
  2. You will only be allowed to submit once.
  3. The order in which you submit them determines their initial seeding in the overall list (higher ranking from you = slightly higher initial seeding).
  4. The submission form will be available until October 1st.
  5. Voting will start after submissions are done.
  6. Any record is fair game: compilations, best-of, live albums, etc..
  7. These are favorite records, not best.
  8. Voting will be A vs B, each chosen at random. Ranking will be determined by an Elo ranking algorithm. Did you see "The Social Network" ? This is what Zuckerberg used for his "Facemash" (girl ranking) website.

The submitter is here.

Any questions?