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Closet Case

A few days after her birthday (June 9), Pepper went into the closet in our bedroom. And, except for three brief trips, and her sneaky trips to the litterbox, she hasn't left. She spends all day and night, in the corner of the closet, under my wife's dresses.

If we go in to see her, she's happy to see us and she purrs and behaves just as she always did. She's eating more than she had been. She gets brushed and is very happy about it. But she will not leave the closet. On the occasions that she has, she spent only a few minutes out and then literally ran back to her hiding spot. She likes to be picked up, as long as we don't leave the closet.

So, she doesn't seem sick or in pain. She's just... afraid of the house.


Man Finds Fossil In Floor Tile

A man was looking at the new travertine tiles in his parents' house (in Spain) and noticed something odd.

It's a jawbone, with teeth. And it appears to be homind, possibly even human.

When he looked some more, he found a tile with what appears to be a cross-section of a vertebra with possibly a slice of pelvis next to it. The tiles are from Turkey.

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