You're My Vehicle, Baby

There's an Elvis movie quiz over at Any Major Dude With Half A Heart. I don't think I've ever seen a single Elvis movie, so I'll take the zero. But, the clues are funny to me, because of their wacky 60's Pick-A-Premise-From-A-Hat absurdity:

  • Elvis is a singing heir to a pineapple plantation in Hawaii ...
  • Elvis is a singing swimming pool lifeguard who couldn’t cut it in the circus.
  • Elvis is a singing rodeo rider
  • Elvis is a singing bush pilot who takes care of a little Chinese kid.
  • Elvis is a singing rodeo rider (again), but with an ethnic twist: he is of Native-American descent.
  • Elvis is a ghetto doctor who doesn’t sing an awful lot. But he falls in love.
  • ... and my favorite: Elvis is a singing insurance salesman who moonlights as a lion tamer and falls in love with the circus clown’s daughter.

Yes, I know Elvis didn't sing "Vehicle" (but he could have).

2 thoughts on “You're My Vehicle, Baby

  1. russell

    So brilliant.

    I used to do this tune with a local band. Maybe the worst, stupidest song ever written, including the Barney theme.

    That was the beauty of Elvis. The man would sing anything, anything at all.

    A lot of guys I work with worship Elvis, but I never really got the Elvis thing. To me, he just seems like a guy who was born for Vegas. Kind of a one-man Rat Pack, only from a trailer park instead of Hoboken.

    But there’s nobody who can take pure cheese and camp and push it one step beyond like Elvis.

    Thanks –

  2. cleek


    momma’s little baby loves clambake clambake?

    wow. that’s some kinda terrible.

    thanks to years of Cartoon Network, Elvis reminds me of Johnny Bravo, and not the other way round.

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