12 thoughts on “I am the 13th Cylon

  1. Rob Caldecott

    There isn’t much TV that gets me excited, but BSG is top of the list.

    I’ve recently started to get into Dexter re-runs on FXHD. Just watched the penultimate episode of season 1. Can’t wait for the finale!

    I’ll watch Lost when it starts, but only out of duty. We gave up on ER. I download Prison Break for my parents, but I’ve never got into it. I download Private Practice and Greys Anatomy for Mrs. C, and Ugly Betty for the both of us. The writing on Ugly Betty is just brilliant, and the characters are perfect. Does that mean I’m in touch with my feminine side? And I secretly enjoy Greys but don’t tell the wife. :)

    Mrs C also _loves_ crappy E! shows – Girls Next Door, Run’s House and Kimora: Life In The Fast Lane. The first two are OK, playboy bunnies and mid-80s rappers, but I draw the line at Kimora whatsherface.

    We have 100s of channels of crap now too – much of it in HD.

  2. Rob Caldecott

    You’ll notice I don’t watch any home-grown TV BTW. Other than Doctor Who, which is on a sort-of-hiatus, and Torchwood (back next year kind-of), there’s very little. The BBC have remade a ‘classic’ mid-70s show called ‘Survivors’ about a plague that’s killed off 99% of the population which I was really psyched about, but it’s been very disappointing. Shame, ‘cos I love my post-apocalyptic drama.

  3. cleek

    we never got into Lost, though we probably should have. we watched ER religiously until two or three years ago (when it became all about Kovatch and Sam). House, even though it’s formulaic, can be fun. The Office (US), Earl & 30 Rock are all good (and are on consecutively). Mad Men is pretty good, too. we watch The Soup on E!, and it’s the funniest fucking thing in the whole entire world, some days. we also watch Anthony Bourdain, though he’s becoming a bit samey – “watching poor people eat assholes”, as my wife described it.

    I love my post-apocalyptic drama.

    that’s why they invented Fallout 3.

  4. Rob Caldecott

    Sky One in the UK will be showing BSG starting on Tuesday 20th Jan in glorious HD. So excited. Saw the preview too – is that Adama in front of a firing squad at the end???

  5. Shady Sands

    Mmmmm fallout. I’ve beaten the first 2 several times each. I have over 100 hours invested in the 3rd and am no where near done.

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