Right Down The Memory Hole

If Republicans learn nothing else from this election, they must learn this.

So begins a Washington Post article by one of the most prominent seditionists: cowardly trash, Josh Hawley.

This was always going to happen. The press was always going to welcome these traitors back into the fold. They just can't help but treat their Republican daddies as serious sober statesmen.

It's still a disappointment to see it happen.

And it's why I won't be renewing my WaPo subscription.

4 thoughts on “Right Down The Memory Hole

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    To be sure, the Holocaust was a costly, disruptive overreach by decent, law-abiding, taxpaying Germans to correct the extremes of the liberal, unChristian Weimar Republic that preceded the rise of Hitler’s Nazi Party. In the interests of fairness and balance, and to counter our last guest’s subjective condemnation of, and I quote him, “the horrors of the Holocaust”, our next guest will lay out the case for the necessity of the Holocaust and its ultimate basis in equal treatment under the rule of law of ALL Jews, Gypsies, Communists, homosexual men and women, and other enemies of the Nazi and America conservative movements, with the exception of insider figures like Goring and Rohm, and Reichsfuher Peter Thiel, who camouflaged their entirely human gender-traitor tendencies beneath the uniformed regalia of our pure and better jackbooted natures. Our next guest replaces noted Orthodox Christian commentator Rod Dreher, who is unavailable at this time due to his relocation in nascently fascist Hungary to assist in the throwing of Jew-bombs at George Soros and the like. Like our next guest, Dreher, while not openly condoning the genocide of undesirables, and in fact tut-tutting such behavior unless it is carried out by the full canceling power of strictly Orthodox Christianity, asks the imperative question all of us must ponder: “What were the Nazis, and now Putin, supposed to do … tolerate all of that crossdressing in the public square? Why, that’s a slippery slope to graphic novels depicting NAKED mice cavorting into the camp ovens not wearing a single thread of clothing. Our children cannot be esposed to such filth.
    Put some pants on those mice who deserved everything they got.

    Before we begin, tomorrow night we are pleased to present our next contrarian guest who deserves a fair hearing, under the NO Fairness Doctrine, Jeffrey Dahmer, who you may find a bit, let us ventire to say,
    edgy, but thought-provoking in a refreshing way.

    Tofu and grain bowls and impossible meats? Not so fast there. Dahmer may surprise you! And by the way, he isn’t as much interested in Hunter Biden’s laptop … aren’t we all? .. as he in in Humter Biden’s lap.


    As an aside to this bit of drollery, in real life, one of my favorite bartender’s mother attended junior high school with Jefferey Dahmer. You know the drill … quiet, kept to himself, seemed normal, even in the cafeteria at lunchtime. Turned his nose up at the brussel sprouts, like all red-blooded American kids.

    Yeah, the Post and the Times and now CNN have knuckled under. The new fascists in the house have explicitly warned “Woke” corporations, whatever those are, to stay our of politics or else. They’ll knuckle under as well. Aunt Jemima is on her way back.

    We are descending into fascist conservative darkness.

    By a slim sheerly gerrymandered majority, which is SO reassuring.

  2. nooneithinkisinmytree

    I’m watching “The Handmade’s Tale”, and just started re-reading the book by Margaret Atwood.

    Conservative fascists and women-killers are banning the book in the predictable environs, but simultaneously adopting the rules of Gilead depicted in the work as an instrictional manual for the new Gilead America they are imposing.

    Governor Stitt of Oklahoma just declared every square on inch of his seditionist state the exclusive province of Jesus Christ.

    In two years, cases, now being prepared, will be brought before the Supreme Court to ban nearly all forms of brith control in America. They will be banned.

    Margaret Atwood, a Canadian citizen, under the new fascist Republican adminstration elected under the next stolen election in 2024, but God’s elect nonetheless, will be declared a terrorist by Homeland Security and prevented from ever entering American again.

    True, we frogs are twitching bit as the boil rises, but it’s late in the cooking.

  3. russell

    The “liberal mainstream media” live in mortal fear of appearing to take a position. It has rendered them not just useless, but harmful.

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