Fuck Kanye West

While it’s unclear just how West, ostensibly running as an independent, managed to connect almost exclusively with Republican firms—many of which had direct connections to Trump himself—his efforts were quite clearly in the hands of experienced conservatives.

There is one major exception, however. The progressive firm Millennial Strategies was one of Kanye’s largest 2020 vendors, and it’s unclear if that was a ploy to give Kanye’s campaign the air of true independence, or just a true exception.

Otherwise, Kanye’s campaign seems to have been loaded with Republican operatives.

As always.

One thought on “Fuck Kanye West

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    I have infinite fucks to keep giving.

    But even if we collectively pool our fucks, the conservative movement has been stockpiling their fucks, and their bullets, for decades.

    There is a “fuck” gap. Just when we need as many fucks as need to be given, the conservative movement has disrupted the supply chain of fucks, and limited the numbers of us who can show up at the polls to give our fucks, as our forefuckgivers frankly intended, if you look at how, for well after the founding, only white propertied males were permitted to give their fucks and the rest of us were left with decades and decades of unused fucks, which apparently now have a statute of give-a-fuck limitations, according to our evil Supreme Court, where all fucks go to die.

    I don’t have a closing for this, except to say “Fuck me!”

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