Hopping Mad

Adrienne So, at Slate, writes:

That’s when I realized that I had a problem. In fact, everyone I know in the craft beer industry has a problem: We’re so addicted to hops that we don’t even notice them anymore.

Damn straight. And, enough is enough.

Whenever I go looking for beer to buy, it seems that all I see are IPAs, beers with "hops" somewhere in their name, fruit- (or vegetable! .gag.) flavored monstrosities, the old standbys that I got sick of (and on) back in college, or the Belgian-style stuff. But the ultra-hoppy stuff seems to dominate, and increasingly so. And that's fine once in a while, but it's far from what I want in an everyday beer. So, I've been drinking a lot of the Belgian stuff, which can be hoppy, but doesn't use hops the way Emeril uses garlic. It's also expensive, if it's actually Belgian. And it's usually got a big load of alcohol in it. Which makes it less than ideal for an everyday beer.

I hop (hah. err... hope) that brewers get off their hop kick soon. Bring back malt! Bring back sweetness! Bring back every day drinkability! Viva la balance! Don't make me go back to Rolling Rock and Newcastle!

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