BJ Pie Filter Update

I've updated the BJ Pie Filter to work with the new new BJ layout.

... as of 12:00pm Wednesday (May 15, 2013). If things change over there and it stops working, let me know.


To use this, you’ll need Greasemonkey:

I'm not sure if other browsers have GM support or not. Consult your local geek.

You can download the pie filter, here.

Install it.

Then, whenever you load a BJ article page, you will see two buttons below the comment text box: "Add Selected" and "Remove Selected". To filter a user, select the text of the user's name, and click "Add Selected". From then on, comments from that user, and any other user you've added, will be pie'd. To remove a user from your list of filtered users, select the user's name and click "Remove Selected".

If you have the latest version, you should see "Balloon Juice Disemvoweller 3.0.1" in your Greasemonkey "Manage User Scripts" list. If you see "Balloon Juice Disemvoweller null", you have an older version. If the pie controls appear beneath the BJ comment box, but the text on the buttons is dark, you have the old version, which will not work. The text on the buttons needs to be white.

7 thoughts on “BJ Pie Filter Update

  1. dance around in your bones

    Gosh, thanks cleek – that was fast! I pied Corner Stone (just to see if I could) and then unpied him once it worked. Waiting to see if it still works for the many iterations of derp (T&H etc). I swear, 80% of the nyms in my pie filter are the same dude. Anyway, thanks for your work. You make Balloon Juice far less stressful.

    Now, if only they would bring back the old fat curvy grey numbers and the megaphone guy.

  2. askew

    Thanks for the update, but it still isn’t working for me. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, then added a user and no one is pied. What am I doing wrong?

    1. cleek

      hard to say…

      so, can you see the add/remove/list buttons below the comment box ? if so, the script must be running ok.

      if you can see the buttons, what color is the text in them? it should be white text on a blue background, just like the “Submit Comment” button above them. if it’s dark text, you have the old plugin. maybe try cleaning your browser cache, to make sure it gets the latest version?

      if it’s white text on a blue button, then you have the latest script. which user names have you tried? i’ve heard rumors that some user names don’t work for some reason, but i’ve never been able to find one.

    1. cleek

      i suspect you had the web caching issue. i did, when i tried to update the script on my work PC.

      to fix that, i’m going to start putting revisions into their own folders on my server here. each revision will get a unique folder name. and that will ensure that browsers won’t get the old cached versions when a new version is released.

  3. 2liberal

    hi CLeek . I asked this same question for the last revision . I want to be able to show REDACTED for those who have been pied. Please advise. I know i had to edit a file somewhere but i have no idea where that file actually is anymore ….

    1. 2liberal

      found it !! edit file balloon_juice_disemvoweller.user.js by changing abuseStyle = 1; to abuseStyle = 0;

      PS thanks for the filter — BUH BYE Cornerstone and Ted&Helen !!

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