Small Government Conservatism

Last month, Louisiana became the first state to require an ID from residents to access pornography online. Since then, seven states have rushed to follow in Louisiana’s footsteps. According to a tracker from Free Speech Coalition, Florida, Kansas, South Dakota, and West Virginia introduced similar laws, and laws in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Virginia are seemingly closest to passing. If passed, some of these laws could be enforced promptly, while some bills in states like Florida and Mississippi specify that they wouldn’t take effect until July.

8 thoughts on “Small Government Conservatism

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    Can the murderous conservative movement rampaging thru unpartitioned America, (there aren’t walls high enough to contain the Evil) maintain its small government creds as it kills most of its citizens?

    They’ll gleefully shoot you, but will not permit you a shot. They’ll make you bleed, and gleefully and sadistically so if you are a pregnant woman hemorrhaging with an unfortunately troubled pregnancy, unless it’s at a blood bank, the genocidal subhumans.

    It’s apparent that republican party conservatism, libertarianism, and rump fake christianity, now braided together into a psychopathic unstoppable cult of Death, are highly viral and virulently transmitted blood diseases at the cellular level, which when they reach the once human brain via the vector of our prized first amendment foxy free speech, transforms these walking dead, our once beloved family members, friends, and neighbors, and “fellow” citizens into staggering, slavering, sadistic conservative face biters who now mass in our very gummint institutions, like rotting zombies triggered by the slightest normative human noise and movement, and spread their alien blood plague to all of us.

    States surrounding Montana (Texas, Florida (a Florida republican zombie staggered to his rotting hooves the other day and proposed a bill to make the Democratic Party illegal, yes abolished under pain of death) in that fake Soviet state), and Idaho too, but let’s not bite off more murderous conservative zombies than we can chew at one sitting), and Canada on their northern border, should immediately seal their borders by savage force to all infected stinking conservatives. All infected conservatives should be refused all vaccinations and medical care, especially blood tranfusions, and via voting registration identifying their political party affiliation refused entry into all of our normative walks of life and environments.

    They can worship, educate their captive abused children, attend their own rude PTA meetings and get their “shots” only at their chosen weapons ranges and gun runner retail outlet churches, but if they dare step into our real world and lives and grrr at us with their spewing lethal conservative infections, we must do what must be done.

    Collecting taxes from them will of course be problematic, but then, what were tactical nuclear weapons invented for if not to accomplish the final death tax collection from the tens of millions of the enemies of the smoking confederate ruin they are making of America.

    Some off-label use like hunting squirrels and feral pigs?


    Someone tell me about the fever that might break. And other fairy tales.

  2. nooneithinkisinmytree

    All conservatives, especially in red states, should be considered by the remnant of what was once a decent human citizenry to be active shooters at all times and in all places.

    Act accordingly.

    It occurs to me that small governments should be easier to overthrow.

  3. nooneithinkisinmytree

    Billionaire new-tech preppers in designer chaps serving charcuterie and thinking it’s beef jerky in a survivalist outpost, their glitz fuck wives furrowing their botoxed brows when faced with the choice of humping either tiffany jewelry OR automatic weapon ammo into the woods when the ball drops, while huffing apocalyptic substack libertarian, christian, fascist blow from the Drehers, the Orbans, the Trumps, the DeSantis, the Thiels, the Alex Joneses, the Bannon, the fucking subhuman Brit Farage, why, the whole gang has converged in their low-slung Porsches with the off-road all weather big wheels to plot the killing of America.

    I wonder if the peaceful partition ponderers over at the other place have considered what the above filth and vermin will do to them once it all comes down.

    Is Jackson Hole, Wyoming the freshly coiffed and designer artisanal Fort Sumter of the already underway American Civil War Numero Dos and final American breath?

    Joe Biden could rise to Lincolnesque heights and drop a nuke on the entire mess … the Tetons will survive … I was hiking in them last summer, with $70 can of bear spray clipped to my pack in case any of the fat-assed fascists ventured outside their soirees in town and fucked with me on the trail.

    C’mon, Joe, Walker Percy’s visionary musings were spot-on. Time to end it.

  4. nooneithinkisinmytree

    Putin barbaric murderous Russia opens its arms to all of the anti-America trash cited above:

    Ronald Reagan and Joseph McCarthy were known heterosexuals who today would jump at a chance to own a dacha on a river near St. Petersburg, the Overton Window having now been converted into defenstration central for subhumna American fascists.

    Taxes are lower in Russia.

    Go. Now.

    Join Dreher. At least our nukes are pointed in that direction already and Trump and Putin agreed to abolish all treaties limiting them.

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