On The Brink

I have a feeling.

I have a feeling that we're all about to learn about the hobby of DIY high-altitude balloons.

One thought on “On The Brink

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    This feeling you have has the potential of equaling in utter accuracy Cleek’s Law about the subhuman conservative movement.

    I have a feeling these balloon launch dudes are somewhat libertarian, if not conservative anti-gummint sensitivo bullshit artists, whose craft … their private property …. the libertarian conservative movement anti-gummint property rights republican shitheads are all for shooting down, mistaking them for Commie missions.

    Libertarians mistaken for Commie RINO chinks. What could be more subhuman conservative American than that?

    Natch, Biden will take the blame ….. Cleek’s Law uber alles.

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