6 thoughts on “Happy Sedition Day

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    A preview of subhuman conservative fascist America very soon:


    Bolsonaro is residing at Mar-a-Lago, overseeing Brazilian rightwing sedition and murder under Trump’s and the facist Republican tutelage.

    Meanwhile Putin has recruited half a million more dead Russian souls to wreak mass murder in Ukraine, in full cooperation and precise timing with Trump and this week’s events perpetrated by the murderous genocidal Republican Party in our houses of Congress, and State Governor’s mansions and legislatures, and fascist think tanks across America, funded by vermin fascist billionaires.

    I demand my President and my Federal Government desced on Mar-a-Lago and other conservative fascist bivouacs aclrss the country and arrest Bolsonaro and Trump. If they resist, call in tactical nuclear strikes on that nest of ratfucking filth and level the joint.

    Negotiate with these animals or any other armed conservative in America.

    No. Never.

    Negotiate with Jew-burning, lynching racists, LGBT and woman killers:


    They are going to kill all of us.

  2. nooneithinkisinmytree

    McCarthy’s “election” as “Speaker” of the House was the go signal for the Brazilian putsch.

    We must pass more than popcorn to kill Republican Party EVIL in America, as it is for Putin’s latest moves in Ukraine.

  3. nooneithinkisinmytree




    It’s coming.

    “1861: The Civil War Awakening” by Adam Goodheart should be read by all.

    “Who here forecasteth the event?” Herman Melville 1861 ….. and 2022

    All of the same violence-bound ones from the same states, Texas, Florida, Missouri, etc, we all know the drill, who tried to murder our country 160 years and whose savage, racist Christian conservative movement God drives their Death Cult to try again, because we didn’t deal with them adequately the first time.

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