Been in the house six years this month.

Currently the refrigerator and hot water heater are dead and need replacement.

The refrigerator could be fixed, but supply chains issues means there are literally no parts anywhere in the world to fix it, and none are being made. So replacement is our only option.


2 thoughts on “Warranty

  1. HinTN

    Get a tankless hot water heater. Gas or electric, whichever utility you prefer. Rinnai is a good brand.

  2. cleek

    We had a Navien tankless. There’s a tiny glass viewport that lets you look into the combustion chamber to see if the gas is burning. That glass blew out and so there was fire shooting out. Scorched the case, caused tons of condensation inside.

    This wasn’t ours but it’s the same problem:

    Navien replaced the whole unit under warranty.

    Plumber thinks it’s because moisture was getting through the gas line into the unit. Some kind of trap was missing on the gas line.

    $1800 in labor, tho.

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