Natural Selection at Work

With Covid-19 vaccines now widely available, just over half of American adults have now received at least one shot, according to a Monmouth University poll released Wednesday.

But more than two in five Republicans said they would avoid getting vaccinated if possible, suggesting that President Biden has not succeeded in his effort to depoliticize the vaccines — and leaving open the question of whether the country will be able to achieve herd immunity without a stronger push from Republican leaders to bring their voters on board.

The results of the Monmouth poll lined up with those of a separate survey by Quinnipiac University, also released on Wednesday, that found 45 percent of Republicans saying they did not plan to get vaccinated.

Among Democrats, two-thirds have already received at least one vaccine dose, according to the Monmouth poll. Just over half that share of Republicans have done so (36 percent).


7 thoughts on “Natural Selection at Work

  1. sapient

    I am fully vaccinated, and am treating life in a fairly normal way! I’m masking up for grocery stores, and other public happenings, but also hosting and attending friend gatherings with other vaccinated people. I’m taking a train to visit family members next week (mask on the train to encourage others).

    The deplorables will continue to be deplorable, and when election time comes (every year where I live) we have to do our part to defeat them, but I’m enjoying 6 months (starting on Jan 20), during which I don’t care about anything but happy celebrations with friends and family.

    Love you, cleek, for your wonderful blog. I don’t comment much but sure do appreciate what you have going on here.

    1. cleek Post author

      hey sapient, good to hear from you!

      enjoy your hiatus! sounds like a good idea. i do them from time to time, and i might be due for another.

      end of May, we’re going to take our first vacation. just a weekend away – but, it’s something.

      1. nooneithinkisinmytree

        Hello Ugh and sapient.

        What ugh said.

        Except to add that this is mass psychosis among the now fully psychotic right wing and they intend to fuck all of us. If it was mere self-fucking, we could pass the popcorn.

        But they’ve poisoned the popcorn too, just as Jim Jones did the kids’ beverages.

  2. nooneithinkisinmytree

    How many premature deaths is Ted Nugent criminally responsible for in this pandemic?

    If he dies from this illness, may we count it as murder-suicide, as was Herman Cain’s end?

    To what extent on the Darwinian evolutionary scale is self-evolving into a rightwing conservative with their viral and murderous attitudes not unlike snakes evolving their deadly venom or indeed the deadly Covid virus itself developing those sugar/protein spikes on its surface to invade and sicken and kill our human species?

    Has the Covid-19 virus adapted its structure in such a way as to infect conservatives and Republican and use them as a vector for spreading the viral load to the human species as a whole? Does the virus choose malignant conservatives by using their compromised immune systems and reactionary attitudes as a cloak for furthering the virus evolutionary intent, to spread and replicate endlessly.

    Is the conservative movement, in all of its guises, merely a network of hives assigned by the virus to kill us, like a hive of killer insects/bees, or like human zombies evolved to spread the virus.

    Is the conservative movement a self-chosen vector for the pandemic? Was the conservative reactionary attitude chosen by the virus to amplify its lethal spread via witting carriers?

    And, no, Nugent’s suffering from the virus is NOT adequate punishment. It is a not a source of ironic evolutionary fate. It is a murderer willfully infecting himself in order to kill his fellow human beings while with murderous guile softening the defenses of the target victims with his lying propaganda about the virus’ intent and our efforts to contain its spread.

    It’s really no different than Nugent shooting Hillary and Obama with his wittingly loaded automatic weapons after campaigning to make carrying and using those weapons legal and convincing the rest of us that the weapons pose no danger.

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