9 thoughts on “Bring. It. On.

  1. Ugh

    Dude, that’s what I got. I think it’s low but I think I may redo and change some of my answers (I think I may lose some of my hesitance to use some of the more damaging techniques after the first few minutes).

    Besides, if they can posit that the children are merciless and show no fear, then I get to posit that I’m willing to do some biting.

    Ah, 23, that seems more like it.

  2. cleek

    yeah… i wasa thinking 17 was a little low. maybe i too didn’t consider the notion that these would be bloodthirsty 5 year olds.

  3. cleek

    perhaps you need to spend a little time playing Half-Life ? gotta work those zombie-killing muscles, or you’ll be in deep shit when the crab-head zombies show up.

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