The List, 2006, #20-11

We are nearing the end of the journey. So sad.

And here's the penultimate installment of my Top 100 All-time Favorites list for 2008 looks like this:

My Bloody Valentine 1991
Mmmm! What's in this soup?! Guitars, drum samples and disembodied voices!
The Cure 1986
Standing On A Beach
The collection of B sides on the flip side of the cassette make a great, splintered, pink-eyed album.
The Shins 2003
Chutes Too Narrow
Sea And Cake 1995
The Biz
It couldn't be better without being Nassau.
Robyn Hitchcock 1998
Storefront Hitchcock
Proving that the best Robyn is live Robyn.
Fleetwood Mac 1977
Ridiculously good. Lindsey is god.
Sonic Youth 1988
Daydream Nation
The Exile On Main Street of dissonant guitar skronk.
Pink Floyd 1973
Dark Side Of The Moon
Don't be a hater. It really is amazing.
Pixies 1987
Surfer Rosa / Come On Pilgrim
Did Kim Deal really only sing lead on one Pixies song? Gigantically, yes. But Joey Santiago wins the world.
Cowboy Junkies 1988
The Trinity Sessions
So much lovely empty space between the brushes on that snare drum.

And the histogram for #100-#11 looks like this:

(release dates of records listed so far, grouped into five-year spans)

The top Ten will be posted this Friday! TiVo it, if you can't watch live!

7 thoughts on “The List, 2006, #20-11

  1. Ugh

    OT – Since I know how much you love organized religion, the Pope will be Popernating past my office in his Popemobile in about 3 1/2 hours. About half an hour ago a large group of people showed up, including many with guitars and little drums and has been playing music outside my office for the past 1/2 hour and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s driving me nuts as all I can really hear is the drums.

    On the upside, maybe the Pope will tell Bush he’s going to hell.

  2. cleek

    all those kids with their drums and guitars… what do they do for a living? how does a full-time protester fill his belly?

  3. Ugh

    They’re not protesting, they’re here to celebrate the pontiff (or whatever they do when the Popemobile goes by, cheer? cry? faint?). I’m hoping some people will show up to protest the clergy abuse scandal and a riot will ensue, although I’m way too close to the White House for the secret service to allow the two groups to get anywhere near each other, I think.

  4. Rob Caldecott

    I didn’t start getting into music until I was 14 or 15, and started with what I’d heard coming from my older brother’s bedroom – Talking Heads, The Clash, Bob Marley, etc. The early 80’s simply passed me by. My iTunes library shows me some Specials, early U2, Clash, but not a lot else between ’80 and ’85. :)

  5. cleek

    my early and mid 80’s were mostly metal – cause that’s what all my friends liked. but that most of that stuff didn’t stick. what i like from that period now is stuff i’ve discovered after – the Police, Talking Heads and U2 the chief exceptions.

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