Fuck Texas

Children are being traumatized by rainbow flags and posters of multi-racial children holding hands, say trustees of the Conroe Independent School District (CISD) of Texas. The trustees now want more strict rules around classroom displays.

Even though the district already has a policy prohibiting political displays unrelated to curriculum

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, CISD trustee Melissa Dungan said she wants a more restrictive “crackdown” by trustees on such displays, KTRK reported.

Duggan said “a number of parents” had contacted her about “supposed displays of personal ideologies in classrooms.”

“I wish I was shocked by each of the examples that were shared with me, however, I am aware these trends have been happening for many years,” she told her fellow trustees at a recent meeting.

When asked about these “trends,” Dugan mentioned a first-grade student who was reportedly traumatized after seeing a poster of people of different races holding hands. The traumatized child, according to Dugan, had to change classrooms.

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  1. wj

    I’m awaiting outraged demands to ban prisms in classrooms. After all, they might be used to produce a rainbow. Oh, the horror!

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