Precious Bodily Fluids

The longtime water superintendent for a small town in Vermont has resigned in protest after local officials ordered him to restore the town's water to the state's standard for fluoride levels—which he had been secretly and unilaterally lowering for years due to his own personal anti-fluoride beliefs.

And his righteous, five-page resignation letter offered yet another bombshell in the small-town water scandal that has made national headlines in recent weeks. He asserted that he had been surreptitiously lowering the town's fluoride levels for much longer than previously known—for over a decade rather than the nearly four years officials had previously disclosed.

Restoring the town's water to the state-recommended fluoride level "poses unacceptable risks to public health," the now-ex water superintendent, Kendall Chamberlin, wrote in his resignation letter, according to local media. “I cannot in good conscience be a party to this."

Chamberlin held the title of water superintendent for 37 years in Richmond, Vermont, a town of about 4,100 in the northwestern part of the state. But apparently in that time, he failed to mention to his fellow residents that he had been taken in by unfounded fears that fluoridated water is harmful.

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