Here At The Western World

Started with this disc:

Erased the stamp, with acetone:

Found a sketch of the western hemisphere continents:

Printed that out, taped it to a piece of adhesive vinyl. Cut it out with an exacto knife:

Stuck the vinyl to the disc:

Hand-painted the continents using dye mixed with white glue. I've never hand painted a disc, and I had no idea how it would work. And I had to mix colors to get brown (blue + orange), so I didn't know what I was going to get... but, fear is the mind-killer.

Let that sit for a few hours in a very low oven. Then, pulled it out and took off the vinyl:

The glue had hardened and mostly stuck, except for Alaska, which ripped off. I'll fix it in post!

Mixed up a bed of blue, purple and green for water.

Dropped the disc in there for 20 hours. Pulled it out. Hand-touched Alaska and a few spots where air bubbles had made blanks. And... done!

The glue on the continents had apparently dissolved into the glue bed for the water. When I took it out there was no trace of the thick glue layers. And the dye is reallllly saturated there. Not exactly what I was expecting.

I don't hate it. Learned a lot.

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