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The design is, well, kindof a mess. And I touched-up a bunch of voids left by air bubbles by hand. But look at all that lovely detail in the black swirls on the left - Pretty little chaos!

This was dye dissolved in acetone and then dripped onto a bed of glue, then blown around with a straw.

I didn't deliberately choose the same color scheme as one of my favorite Cure albums, but the coincidence does make me smile.

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I lost my first Saint in a pond, stupidly. Someone who was brave enough to wade onto murky waist-deep water looking a disc of his own found it and offered to return it (always write your phone # on the bottom of your discs!). But I had already ordered a replacement, with big plans for dyeing, so I told him to keep it.

Got the replacement, all the way from Sweden. Drew up the design:

After five attempts, I got the design cut out on a piece of vinyl and transferred to the disc. Then I pulled off the parts that I wanted to dye black.

Because the vinyl is flat and the disc is curved, there were a lot of these little creases along the edge where the vinyl just wasn't stretchy enough to lay smooth. I tried my best to flatten them out. And in the end, I did a pretty good job of it. But the black dye did bleed through on a couple.

The black came out pretty weakly towards the edges, where it didn't get enough dye. Alas. And, it came out this strange bronze color, not black. Luckily, that fit the concept just fine.

So, I got out my glue-based dye mixes and started to paint.

Turns out, that plastic is super hydro-phobic and the glue would just bead up and roll around. And the colors really wouldn't saturate. I didn't want to use the acetone-based mixes because acetone eats the factory stamps, and I wanted to preserve all of that - because the whole stained glass design was based around the "SAINT" logo. But, since the glue wasn't cutting it. I had no choice.

The acetone mixed dyes saturated a lot better. And the mixes I made were surprisingly gentle on the stamps. But, the Dip-N-Glo yellow that I used in the middle section absolutely tore through the logo. The red logo color instantly liquefied and slid off when the dip-n-glo hit it. I tried to clean it up as best I could, but a lot of the red smeared around between the letters. Since I was then trying to preserve the silver foil under the red so at least the "SAINT" would still be there in some form, I didn't get very aggressive in trying to get rid of the red.

Anyway, It turned out OK. Not glorious.

I did want the colors to be a little mottled, like antique stained glass. And the bronze color works fine as leading. Wish I hadn't used that yellow in the middle, though!

Spun a black border around the outside of the design, then added a yellow rim. Now it looks like it was originally a bright yellow disc! This should make it easier to find, especially edge-on. White discs are surprisingly hard to find in the woods. Bright (UV-reactive!) chartreuse is much easier to spot.


In disc golf, it's cool to put a US F18 on a Soviet star. Nobody cares.

Couple of small bleed-throughs in the black, and one on the red. But, overall, it's not terrible.

The star is off center a little. Not because I didn't get the design from the computer onto the disc exactly as I drew it, but because I drew it off-center on my computer (but didn't notice).

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Here At The Western World

Started with this disc:

Erased the stamp, with acetone:

Found a sketch of the western hemisphere continents:

Printed that out, taped it to a piece of adhesive vinyl. Cut it out with an exacto knife:

Stuck the vinyl to the disc:

Hand-painted the continents using dye mixed with white glue. I've never hand painted a disc, and I had no idea how it would work. And I had to mix colors to get brown (blue + orange), so I didn't know what I was going to get... but, fear is the mind-killer.

Let that sit for a few hours in a very low oven. Then, pulled it out and took off the vinyl:

The glue had hardened and mostly stuck, except for Alaska, which ripped off. I'll fix it in post!

Mixed up a bed of blue, purple and green for water.

Dropped the disc in there for 20 hours. Pulled it out. Hand-touched Alaska and a few spots where air bubbles had made blanks. And... done!

The glue on the continents had apparently dissolved into the glue bed for the water. When I took it out there was no trace of the thick glue layers. And the dye is reallllly saturated there. Not exactly what I was expecting.

I don't hate it. Learned a lot.


I'm moderately pleased with this one. I was expecting that purple in the middle to be more muted, like the yellow and green. I didn't want to obscure that bird quite as much as I did. I like the yellow and green, though.


Watch me Turn a leopard into a turtle

Add leopard. Wait 24 hours. And…

Should have put some more spots on the edges. Should have used more dye, too. Learning.


Dec 31 - and it's in the lake. Good bye, sweet leopard.

The Meteor

New hobby: Dyeing disc golf discs!

This is the fourth one I've tried, but the first one I've liked.

Takes 24 hours for the dye to set, so it's a test of patience.