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  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    Those wavy gravy fretboards and headstocks have got to be hell on your tuning.

    I just bought a cheap ukelele to goof around and I have to stop halfway through the song to retune.

    I guess now we know what Jerry Garcia’s peepers saw when he looked down at his guitar all those years.

    What drum simulator floating ghostlike there are you using? My buddy and I have just started using one, but only to simulate different drum kits and the like on what he plays/records.

    We migrated from a Roland 24-track to PreSonus Studio One in his basement this past year.

    Too many choices.

    Good bass sound.

    Pretty cool, cleek. Music and video.

    1. cleek Post author

      what kind of stuff are you recording?

      I have to stop halfway through the song to retune.

      ugh. you never think tuners matter, until you find an instrument that could use better tuners.

      drum sounds are via the VSI that came with my old Cakewalk install – http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/Studio-Instruments. i moved to Reaper, but kept the Cakewalk plugins. that little animation is part of the plugin. you can even “play” on that drum set – i guess to preview the sounds? very fancy! i think they’re free, too (as part of the Bandcamp Cakewalk install)?

      load up the drum set and then just draw the drum hits in one by one in Reaper’s MIDI editor:

      (bottom bars are note velocity)

      there’s a limiter on the drums, and some compression. i was trying for that big RAWK! sound in that loud section – trying to pump everything up as loud as i could get it. it’s not quite there, but it’s close.

      bass is my Tele recorded at 2x speed then played back 1x. i’m thinking about buying one of those rubber stringed Uke basses. but haven’t been able to build up the courage to sneak a $300 toy past my wife yet :)

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