No Purchase

I'm still anti-streaming. I like to own my music (even if it's digital). This hasn't been a problem.... until now.

I heard good things about a rapper called 'Noname'. So, I went to iTunes to check her out. iTunes doesn't have anything for sale (or for preview in their store) from a female rapper named Noname. They have some other stuff by other people/bands with that name. Odd? You can stream her stuff from Apple Music, though. You can stream it from SoundCloud. You can stream it from Amazon. But you can't buy it on any of them. You can stream it from her own website, or you can buy her latest record on vinyl for $30.

I don't understand.

But, you can stream and buy it on Bandcamp.

I really don't understand.

2 thoughts on “No Purchase

  1. Jewish Steel

    Same for me. I still have an iPod classic and that’s what I prefer to use to listen to music and podcasts at night. I mean, for starters it’s got a headphone jack so I don’t have to use bluetooth earbuds that run out of juice long before I’m done working. How the hell can I be a janitor without something to listen to?

    1. cleek Post author

      that lack of headphone jack is a big reason i’m not really interested in upgrading my iPhone. i just hate the idea of those wireless headphones. i know i’d be losing them once a year at least. and more things to charge? blech.

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