Sea And Cake

Sea and Cake played a club in Durham, last night. And I was there!

I realized, while waiting for them to take a break from playing new songs and get to my favorites, that I consider 'new' S&C songs to be any songs released in the last 15 years.

I'm old.

They were good, though. Even those 'new' songs are fun, live. The old songs (I think there were three) were great.

The opener, James Elkington, was amazing. He's an brilliant old-style English folk guitar player. The kind of player that makes me hate that I even own guitars.

James Elkington - "Make It Up" (Official Video)

I bought his CD.

2 thoughts on “Sea And Cake

  1. dbati

    Have you ever listened to The Horse’s Ha? That’s another of his projects with Janet Bean (Freakwater), and it is outstanding! Also he tours with, and plays with, Steve Gunn on occasion…if you ever have a chance to see them together, you’ll really throw away your guitars.

  2. kennyg

    I love the new album. They played “These Falling Arms” at the show in Chicago and it was the best song of the night. Plus it was pretty cool that Doug McCombs is touring.

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