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It has just been announced that Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor. That's terrible news. Best of luck to him.

Over at Balloon Juice, a commenter asked, (rhetorically, I suppose) what the odds are that a Clinton supporter on one of the crazier pro-Clinton blogs to suggest that the timing of this announcement was planned so as to distract from Clinton's upcoming win in the Kentucky primary.

Always up for a bit of sleuthing, I discovered that the odds are much better than even...

# dot48 Says:
May 20th, 2008 at 1:32 pm

I would say his retirement is imminent. Odd that they decide to break this today of all days .. if I was cynical I’d say it was to stifle news of Hill’s momentum .. Surely one day to tell the world wouldn’t make any difference in his recovery. Just saying.


# confloyd Says:
May 20th, 2008 at 1:41 pm

birdgal, I do catscans they knew in 15minutes after the scan was over, they held the news til Tuesday as his request. I would bet money on that. Why did they not announce it on Monday?

That second one is from a commenter at named "conFloyd". I nutpicked one of her comments a couple of days ago: Obama is the antichrist and is working with the terrorists to kill us all! She's quite a gal. Anyway, I was just over at a NoQuarterUSA (a different pro-Hillary blog), nutpicking on a thread where all the commenters are "pledging" to not vote for Obama in the general election, and I found this gem of a comment:

The talking point for Obama is we should vote for him because of Roe vs. Wade, I am way past needing that law, so the kids that are getting him in need to learn what its like not to have safe abortions. Let them sweat like so many of us had to in the early 60’s. You could never watch TV back then without hearing about some poor young woman that died from having illegal abortion. That is what Roe vs Wade was all about!

Whew. Now what kind of a Democrat would say something like that?

Well, that comment was from "connie floyd". Yup, the one and the same. And no she's not just some random loon on the intertubes; she's also a Clinton delegate to the Texas state Democratic convention. Yee haw!

I hope Hillary is extra-super-proud of that one.

3 thoughts on “More Nutpicking

  1. Conservatively Liberal

    I read Hillaryis44 every day, and in fact I have started taking stats on the board just to see who all is there, how often they post and whatever I can pick up in their posts that give something of a view of where the person is coming from.

    One thing I can say confidently is that the board is infested with Repub rats, and the few ‘real’ Clinton supporters there are eating their drivel up.

    I am sorting the statistical data that I am collecting, and I am looking for any trends that I can discern.

    Connie Floyd is one of the most prolific posters there. In the 48 hour period overlapping the KY/OR election, confloyd had 93 out of almost 800 posts, or nearly 1/8th of all posts in that time. In that time, there were 73 ‘unique’ handles that posted, so confloyd is quite a talker. If you read what she says, she sure sounds like a Republican. She would fit in at RedState without a hitch.

    Keep up the good work cleek! :)

  2. Jane

    Sure, the folks who have decided that Obama lost any claim to our votes when he falsely accused the Clinton campaign of racism have been infiltrated by their share of nuts. But for the real info, read the exit polls.

  3. Wilson

    Oh wait Jane, I thought Obama lost your votes due to the infamous “sweetie” fiasco or his overt misogynistic tendencies towards all women in general and Hillary in particular. I do wish you people would get your stories straight, it’s very confusing for those of us laughing at you while you strive to remain relevant for the last few minutes of your internet meme lifespan.

    “so the kids that are getting him in need to learn what its like not to have safe abortions”

    Nuts? I don’t see how this idiot woman is any more nuts than the average wingnut or anyone else who contemplates voting for McCain out of spite to Obama.

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