Why We Can't Have Nice Things, Pt 2

Over at the Clinton cult site, HillaryIs44 (President #44, that is), a commenter, confloyd, (who is a TX delegate no less) left this fuzzy little turd:

I wanted to tell you about my sister’s experience in Houston during a caucas in Spring, texas. She totally believes Bambi is the antichrist. She told me that she could feel evil when she walked thru the door at the elementary school she was voting in. She said it was feeling she could actually smell. I thought she was a little off, so we have never spoke about it again. My sister is very religious and practices the Jewish religion. She tells me she will not vote for Hillary unless O is not anywhere on the ticket because of what she felt at that caucas! There are alot of people that say he fits the mole exactly. I not one of those, I just believe he is somehow connected to the jihadists and will try to take this country over from the inside.

And, that's just one of many comments on that thread referring to Obama as, literally, the antichrist.

Obama 08: Smell The Evil!

5 thoughts on “Why We Can't Have Nice Things, Pt 2

  1. Ugh

    I like BOSHAMO. Alternatively, there’s always D(evil) and L(ucifer) (and probably a bunch of others).


    Hmm… still think BOSHAMO works best.

  2. carl

    u dumb asses are almost as cultish as the germans were in the 1930s. its scary. It’s like you all want to suck Odumma asses dick. i’m sure he would put one in your mouth you stupid asses. then he would say whipe that shit off your face and get the fuck out of here bitches. like he is going to do to our country if he gets a chance.

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