BJ Pie Filter - Updated For New Layout

I've updated the BJ Pie Filter to work with the new BJ layout.

Update 1: it is now up-to-date as of 5:00pm Monday (March 25, 2012-ish). Things are still under construction over there, so don't be surprised if it stops working again. BJ is a moving target right now.

Update 2: Updated as of Saturday 3/31/2012 6:00PM.

Update 3: Updated as of Saturday 2/16/2013 6:00PM.


To use this, you’ll need Greasemonkey:

I'm not sure if other browsers have GM support or not. Consult your local geek.

You can download the pie filter, here.

Install it.

Then, whenever you load a BJ article page, you will see two buttons below the comment text box: "Add Selected" and "Remove Selected". To filter a user, select the text of the user's name, and click "Add Selected". From then on, comments from that user, and any other user you've added, will be pie'd. To remove a user from your list of filtered users, select the user's name and click "Remove Selected".

17 thoughts on “BJ Pie Filter - Updated For New Layout

  1. I'mNotSureWhoIWantToBeYet

    Thanks! This is an essential tool for me at B-J. It works great and is quite entertaining. :-)


  2. Luthe

    I just discovered there is a Greasemonkey analog for Chrome called Tampermonkey. It looks like the pie filter should work with it…

  3. lamh35

    Dang, it’s still not working for me. I’m using Firefox. Is there an add-on I’m missing?

      1. lamh35

        sorry getting back so late, but nothing happens. I select the name I want and I click on the “add to pie filter” button and then nothing. The old one would “reboot” the site and in place would be the “pie” filter.

      2. lamh35

        ok, it must be something with my firefox or my compute, cause it worked with Chrome. I’ll just have to use chrome more.


        1. cleek

          make sure you have the very latest version of the pie filter. i made a change 3/13 PM that fixed a problem with some older FF versions.

  4. I'mNotSureWhoIWantToBeYet

    Thanks again for the pie filter. A quick questions…

    The only Greasemonkey script I have is yours. Unfortunately (or fortunately), GM updated the script recently and now I have 2 copies loaded. How does one figure out which one should be used and which one should be deleted?

    I’m running FF 15.0.1 on Winders.



    1. cleek

      hmm… that’s a tough one. you’ll likely want the most-recent one, but i’m not sure there’s an easy way to tell. there isn’t a version # or anything in there.

      might be best to just delete them both then add the latest from here.

  5. 2liberal

    I would like for those being PIED to just show as REDACTED like the option in the older pie filter. Is there a way to make that happen? as it is now, I actually have to read the comments or check each post author rather than just skipping over the offending writer.

    I hope your move is going well – It looks like there might be some glitches.

    1. cleek

      yes, you can do that. but you will have to edit the script itself.

      near the top of the script is a line that looks like this:

      var abuseStyle = 1;

      change that to:

      var abuseStyle = 0;

      and you’ll get the REDACTED text

      1. 2liberal

        thanks for the follow up – got it! Best wishes on sorting out all the follow up issues with the move. How is the progress on your car elevator ? j/k

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