Pie Filter for Kevin Drum's MoJo Site

I’ve created a pie filter for Kevin Drum's Mother Jones site.

To use this, you’ll need Greasemonkey : for FireFox, for Internet Explorer - not sure if other browsers have GM support or not.

Note: this will probably not work in Chrome, as-is. I've heard TamperMonkey can help. I don't use Chrome, so I can't say for sure. Perhaps, if someone asks nicely, MikeJ could port this to a native Chrome extension ?

After you install it, two Add/Remove buttons will appear at the bottom of the comments, just under the "Post As.." button. To add someone to your pie list, select their name on the page somewhere (but not in the comment box!), and click the "Add Selected" button. Then, all of their comments will be replaced with lovely messages about pie.

When you add someone, the comments will be updated instantly. If you remove someone, the script will have to refresh the page.

You can download the pie filter, here.

Feel free to ask, if you have any questions.

10 thoughts on “Pie Filter for Kevin Drum's MoJo Site

    1. cleek

      welcome to the ban pile, trolly.

      don’t really care that you’re insulting me, but now that it’s obvious that you’re copying other people’s names in order to do it, you’re done.

      1. cleek

        it’s what he typed. he’s not actually “TLM”, though. TLM is a liberal regular @ Kevin Drum’s blog. nor is he “PeakVT” (whose name he also tried to use).

        this guy is also a Kevin Drum regular, but of the trollish conservative sort.

        1. TLM

          Sigh… he’s at it again. This is the real TLM. Thanks for the script Cleek. Only correction that I’d offer is that I’m not a liberal. Hell, I used to think of myself as mildly conservative, particularly about economics, but what passes for “conservative” in this country has turned into batshit crazy right-wingdom.

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