BJ Pie Filter Update

FYI, I’ve modified the FireFox version of the Balloon Juice pie filter so you can add (and remove) people from your pie list by just selecting their name then clicking a button. No more editing!

The Add/Remove buttons will appear at the bottom of the comments, just under the "Submit". When you add someone, the comments will be updated instantly. If you remove someone, the script will have to refresh the page.

Tres sexy. Oui oui.

The old method of editing the script still works, but this is far easier.

To use this, you’ll need Greasemonkey : for FireFox, for Internet Explorer - not sure if other browsers have GM support or not.

You can download the pie filter, here.

5 thoughts on “BJ Pie Filter Update

  1. mikej

    Safari has greasemonkey support of a sort. Greasekit should run most scripts, but I haven’t tested it.

  2. Pococurante

    Any chance you’ll cut a Chrome version? I can’t install The Other Chuck’s version since my company’s firewall blocks drop box sites.

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