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Pfizer shot one was nothing: sore arm for a few days. After 23 hours, Pfizer shot two is awful: crushing headache, chills, heartburn, all-over aching.


My 5G reception is much better after the second dose, though.

Efficacy is "Not High"

The head of China's Centers for Disease Control admitted that the efficacy of Chinese coronavirus vaccines is "not high" and they may require improvements, marking a rare admission from a government that has staked its international credibility on its doses.

The comments on Saturday from China CDC director George Gao comes after the government has already distributed hundreds of millions of doses to other countries, even though the rollout has been dogged by questions over why Chinese pharmaceutical firms have not released detailed clinical trial data about their efficacy.

China has struck deals to supply many of its allies and economic partners in the developing world and advertised the fact that world leaders from Indonesia to Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates have taken them.


Now, China is “formally considering” options to change its vaccines to “solve the problem that the efficacy of the existing vaccines is not high,” Gao told a conference in Chengdu in remarks that quickly spread through Chinese social media on Saturday before being mostly censored. Soon people were intentionally misspelling words in their posts while discussing the comments to keep them from being removed.


1 year!

Friday March 13th, 2020 was the last day I was in my office at work.

I like it this way better.


Though 5G technology and the coronavirus have absolutely nothing to do with one another, that hasn't stopped conspiracy theorists around the world from falsely linking the two.

One of these debunked theories is that the recently rolled out COVID-19 vaccines contain microchips with 5G technology, designed supposedly to track our every movement. To that end, what was promoted as a leaked photo of the top-secret schematic of this microchip recently began going viral.

Of course though, the schematic in question doesn't actually display a top-secret 5G chip. In fact, what it shows is the reworked circuit of a Boss Metal Zone distortion pedal.

... and Mary Ann

Dawn Wells, an actress best known as the pigtailed Kansas farm girl turned castaway on the 1960s sitcom “Gilligan’s Island,” died Dec. 30 at an assisted-living facility in Woodland Hills, Calif. She was 82.

The cause was complications from covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, said a spokesman, Harlan Boll.


A wrongful death lawsuit tied to COVID-19 infections in a Waterloo pork processing plant alleges that during the initial stages the pandemic, Tyson Foods ordered employees to report for work while supervisors privately wagered money on the number of workers who would be sickened by the deadly virus.

This is the Mystery of the COVID Quotient

What's America's actual COVID death rate?

The coronavirus pandemic may have caused tens of thousands of more deaths in the spring and summer than previously thought, a new study says.

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond found nearly 75,000 more people may have died from the pandemic than what was recorded in March to July, according to the report published Monday in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA.

By examining death certificates, the study found more than 150,000 deaths were officially attributed to COVID-19 during that period. But researchers determined that nearly 75,000 additional deaths were indirectly caused by the pandemic, bringing the total number of deaths for those four months to more than 225,000.

These are the seasons of emotion and like the winds they rise and fall.


Our AC unit just developed a leak in its condenser coil. That's an expensive replacement. But, because of COVID, HVAC parts are in short supply. Supplier says they don't know when the backorders will be through.

So we have to put a bunch of money into a bunch of refrigerant that's going to just leak out into the atmosphere. Seriously, this shit is expensive - we put $800 worth into it, three weeks ago. And it's gone.

Hurry up, fall.