A Brief Recap of Ronald Grump

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This Should Be Illegal

Or at least a parody. But it is neither.

The Deerslayer (99 Proof, $65) is a surprisingly delicate-bodied whiskey flavored with the flora and fauna of New Hampshire in autumn— specifically, venison. The Deerslayer is crafted with three-year-old white wheat whiskey that allows the venison flavor to truly shine and distilled with slow-smoked red deer venison and seasonal ingredients including porcini mushrooms, cranberries, juniper berries, and green peppercorns. Ideal for venison-lovers and non-vegans alike, the savory and smoky notes characterize this one-of-a-kind spirit, with subtle spice on the palate up front and a lingering, gamey finish.

The article talks about two other whiskeys which might be even worse that this one.

The Granite-Headed State

BEDFORD, N.H. — A “non-masked voting” tent in New Hampshire collapsed around midday Tuesday, sending a 72-year-old poll worker to the hospital and forcing election officials to find another option for voters who preferred to cast ballots while not wearing a mask.

One poll worker suffered a laceration to his face; Klein had to find a way to move “non-masked” voters into a room inside the school, safely separated from voters wearing masks to protect themselves and others from the possible spread of the coronavirus.