A Message To You, Rudy

Stop your messing around
Better think of your future
Time you straighten right out
Creating problems in town

President Trump undercut his attorney, Rudolph W. Giuliani, on Friday, and said the former New York mayor will eventually get the facts right regarding a payment to a pornographic actress who said she had an affair with Mr. Trump.

Everything “has been said incorrectly,” Mr. Trump said, blaming the media coverage and Mr. Giuliani’s short time on the job.

Mr. Giuliani, who joined Mr. Trump’s legal team last month, “started a day ago,” Mr. Trump said, speaking to reporters on Friday as he left Washington to attend a National Rifle Association convention in Dallas.

“He’s a great guy,” Mr. Trump said. “He’ll get his facts straight.”

Stop your fooling around
Time you straighten right out
Better think of your future
Else you’ll wind up in jail

The Specials – A Message To You Rudy

A Brief History Of One Of Many Scandals

Stop me at the point you think the GOP would have closed the government, burned DC to the ground, and stormed the White House to remove a Democratic President.

  1. The President had several extra-marital affairs.
  2. In the weeks after his third wife, …
  3. … an illegal immigrant, …
  4. … gave birth.
  5. He had an affair with a porn star.
  6. She spanked him with a copy of Forbes.
  7. Thugs were sent to threaten her and her child to keep quiet about it.
  8. He then conspired with his mobbed-up lawyer.
  9. To pay the porn star $130,000.
  10. On the eve of the election.
  11. To keep quiet about the affair.
  12. He used a pseudonym on the contract.
  13. As he often did in his dealings.
  14. She wasn’t the first mistress he bought the silence of.
  15. Nor was she his first mistress who was involved in adult entertainment.
  16. He denied having anything to do with the contract or with this porn star.
  17. The payment is either a campaign finance violation.
  18. Or money laundering.
  19. Or didn’t happen.
  20. Depending on which story you believe.
  21. There is allegedly photographic evidence of the affair.
  22. The porn star’s lawyer has it.

Paging Dr John Barron

When Dr. Harold Bornstein described in hyperbolic prose then-candidate Donald Trump’s health in 2015, the language he used was eerily similar to the style preferred by his patient.

It turns out the patient himself wrote it, according to Bornstein.

He said Trump read out the language as Bornstein and his wife were driving across Central Park.

“(Trump) dictated the letter and I would tell him what he couldn’t put in there,” he said. “They came to pick up their letter at 4 o’clock or something.”


Kim isn’t going to give up his nukes or his missiles. He’s going to give up the testing site, maybe he’ll stop doing missile tests – but only because he doesn’t need them any more. Testing is over. He has the finished product!

Two Cars

Mustang, Focus crossover will be only Ford cars on the market in North America by 2020.

Ford Motor Co. (F) said Wednesday it will shed most of its North American car lineup as part of broad plan to save money and make the company more competitive in a fast-changing marketplace. The changes include getting rid of all cars in the region during the next four years except for the Mustang sports car and a compact Focus crossover vehicle, CEO Jim Hackett said as the company released first-quarter earnings.

The decision, which Hackett said was due to declining demand and profitability, means Ford will no longer sell the Fusion midsize car, Taurus large car, CMax hybrid compact and Fiesta subcompact in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

They’ll still sell lots, tons, fleets of pickups and SUVs, though.