A vibrant community where the beauty of nature and allure of new discoveries beckon. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery comes a one-of-a-kind, new home community just outside Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to a place that will be woven into the beautiful Carolina landscape–embracing nature in its very design. A haven intended to nurture the soul and open the path to discovery.

For some reason, my little town in rural NC is about to become the location for 4,000 new houses built by Walt Fucking Disney.

What a fucking nightmare.

Walking My Camel Home

This is the moment a woman is seen walking her camel through the streets of London as locals watch on in disbelief.

A video posted on social media shows a woman leading the animal down a quiet residential road reportedly in Chingford, in north London.

Sometimes, a song you thought would never be appropriate for any situation has a brief moment of suitability. It's up to you to seize those moments.


What if you trained a large language AI on texts from the 1700s?


> who is the fairest of them all?

The fairest of them all was that Lady which was come from the Castle of Lusignan, who came with a retinue of twenty Knights and Ladies, and so faire she was that none durst compare her to any other lady in the world. And when she was come to the King's Court, there was great joy amongst the people; for they were all glad to see her; and the King, seeing how fair she was, said to his Council: "I would fain have this Lady for my wife," but his Council told him it could not be done without his brother's consent, because he had promised his daughter to the Duke of Bretagne; so the King sent for his brother, and made him a long discourse about his desire to marry that Lady. But he answered: "My brother, I will not give you my daughter to marry, neither will I give her to the Duke of Bretagne." Then the King replied: "I am sorry that you do not give me your daughter to marry, but if you will not, I shall go and make war upon the Duke of Bretagne, and take the land from him; for since you will not give me your daughter, I will take the land from him, and then I shall marry her." After this, the King went to the Duke of Bretagne, and made war against him, and took the land from him, and then married the Lady that was come from the Castle of Lusignan; and when she was married, there was great joy amongst the people.


On even days, some people scream about the evils of socialism.

On odd days, the same people scream about how much the President charges for groceries.

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Actual Headline

Cruz introduces bill to limit using preferred names, pronouns; critics note he uses a preferred name

San Antonio Express News

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Moms for Libertines

Florida’s GOP chairman has been accused of sexual battery by a woman who says she was part of a ménage à trois with him and his wife, who's a co-founder of right-wing group Moms for Liberty, according to a new report.

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Liz Phair

I somehow heard Liz Phair was touring, which was pretty incredible. But, even more incredible was that she was playing her entire "Exile In Guyville" album on the tour - 30th anniversary. This is a Big Deal.

She wasn't coming anywhere near Raleigh, so there was going to be travel involved. And since you can't fly anywhere from Raleigh without going through Atlanta first, Atlanta was the obvious choice to see her. Plus, it's only an hour flight.


As advertised, she played all of Exile, in order. It was all very faithful to the originals, though some of the songs got slightly beefier arrangements because she had a full band with her.

It was surreal

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, seeing her do that surreal album.

After that, she played a four-song encore of songs from her other albums ("Supernova", "Polyester Bride", etc).

She sounded great. And I don't think she stopped smiling the whole time.

She's another one I never thought I'd ever get a chance to see - Sunny Day Real Estate, Peter Gabriel, Liz Phair?! Keep em coming.


There's a line of Ziggys walking into a store. The first one inside sees a line of Ziggys in the checkout line, each buying an identical gun. So he says "That loon is getting a gun? I'd better get one in case he gets any ideas."

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