True American Assholes

The comments in response to two sponsored posts on Facebook promoting an upcoming Winston-Salem concert by the Grammy-winning and internationally-acclaimed group Tinariwen came in a steady drip of loathing, vitriol and menace.

One commenter from Smithfield wrote on July 13: “Gotta bring my AR, too….”

Another commenter chimed in: “So ISIS is playing the Ramcat? LOL.” And another: “Take the fucking towels off your god damn heads.”

Responding to the Ramkat’s invitation to “join us for Tinariwen, with special guest Lonnie Holley,” one commenter wrote, “Or bomb us, your choice.” A commenter from Randolph County wrote, “Any true American will not support this bunch of trash. Let them perform in their own country. They need to get out of the USA.”

Reacting to a photo of the band wearing traditional north African robes and turbans, a commenter from Archdale, wrote, “Ain’t looking at nothing Muslim. The wanna-be religion that’s the plague of the world.” Another wrote, “Look like terrorists to me. Um no way.”

You'll be shocked to learn that, instead of being ISIS members or promoters of hatred, the band was actually chased out of their home country of Mali by Islamic extremists for being musicians.

None of the FB clowns bothered to do any research, of course. They saw people in different clothes and shit themselves.