Game Of Possibilities

If I was a Republican voter, I'd be looking at Trump and wondering if his election would be the worst possible outcome.

It seems likely that he will heavily tarnish, if not absolutely dissolve, the GOP brand - for possibly a generation. The party would be split into the Trumpian howlers who think white, male, nationalism is the answer to everything, and all those who at least pretend to be interested in governance (all those Republicans now pledging to vote for Clinton or Johnson, or to fight him in Congress, etc.). That would worry me, if I had positive feelings about the Republican party.

But if Clinton should win, the GOP would be utterly united ... in their hatred of Clinton. It would be the status quo for the GOP: knee-jerk opposition of the hated liberal. No, they wouldn't have the Presidency, but they also wouldn't have a fractured party ostensibly lead by an ignorant, childish, buffoon who would turn voters off the GOP brand for decades. That would offer me hope.

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  1. JenBob

    …but they also wouldn’t have a fractured party ostensibly lead by an ignorant, childish, buffoon who would turn voters off the GOP brand for decades.

    This statement is dependent upon Mr. Trump not delivering on any of his promises. If he starts delivering, they will not be ‘turned off’.

    And, either way, Mr. Trump would fill arguably up to four seats on the Supreme Court which would also have a lasting impact for decades.

      1. JenBob

        So, the author and many twitter users don’t like the way he’s raising campaign money.
        These are the same people that poo-pooed every other tactic that they thought wouldn’t work.

          1. JenBob

            Nope, I was never a Trump supporter and, as I’ve stated in earlier comments, I will not be voting for Mr. Trump.

            But I’m also not a twitter moron creating yet another opportunity to be utterly wrong about Mr. Trump’s effectiveness.

            1. cleek Post author

              oh he’s effective alright – because there are a lot of incredibly stupid people in the world and he’s their champion.

              1. JenBob

                Let me get this straight…

                At this point polling shows almost half of the electorate in the US supporting Mr. Trump, an outsider and a first time politician, and your explanation for this phenomenon is they’re all just stupid ??

  2. JenBob

    I appreciate the opportunity offer up another more likely reason.

    Mr. Trump has captured the zeitgeist of voters who feel they are not in control. That no matter who they vote for, their interests are not served.

    These voters voted for Bush and saw the TARP giveaway that turned out to be pretty much of a waste of money, they held their noses and voted for McCain with his “reach across the isle” attitude (read cave-in) and lost, and they voted for Romney who could have won if he only had the stomach to fight. They believed Paul Ryan when he told them that if only the voters would hand them the senate, they would fight and would nullify most of ObamaCare through reconciliation.

    So, along comes Trump who is not bullied by political correctness, speaks the language of the common person and says out loud what these same voters have been saying around their kitchen tables. These voters are hungry for someone to represent their interests.

    It’s not stupidity. It’s frustration.

    1. cleek Post author

      so, they believed a bunch of nonsense, then got mad when the people the elected to fix the nonsense couldn’t do it. and now they believe a new batch of nonsense from a guy who lies about everything, including his own fucking identity. about the only thing he hasn’t lied about is the fact that his daughter is pretty good looking…

      and they aren’t stupid?

      come on, man. Trump is a carnival barker.

  3. JenBob

    Update link:
    But it means that, if there’s a loss by a slim margin in the popular vote or electoral college, millions of already embittered Americans, worked into a frenzy by a shameless leader who will surely refuse to accept the returns, will start the next four years convinced that the United States of America is little more than a banana republic — and the presidency of Hillary Clinton is irretrievably illegitimate.

    That’s kinda what happened in the 2000 election.
    To ALGORE’s credit, he conceded the contest to Bush (then took that back and then conceded again). But that didn’t stop the batshit crazies who, for the next eight years, whined about Bush being ‘selected’ and how Bush ‘stole’ the election, etc.

    1. cleek Post author

      if Trump wins the popular vote but loses the EC and the decision ends up in the Supreme Court, which issues a Special: One Time Only kind of ruling … that would be a good time to talk about how the left wasn’t happy 16 years ago.

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