Le Whaf

My head is suspended over a goldfish bowl. A glass straw is between my lips. Clouds of smoke are wafting into my face and lemon tart swirls around my mouth.

Only it’s not a big slab of calorific lemon tart spooned up from a plate. This is ‘breathable’ lemon tart.

Instead of eating it, the tart is being pumped out of a futuristic machine that looks like a glorified goldfish bowl — called Le Whaf. And, rather than a triangular slice, this lemon tart looks like a puff of smoke.

To make the machine work, just press the ‘on’ switch. Within a minute, a cloud of tiny droplets forms in the goldfish bowl.

The cloud can be ­dispensed from a nozzle on the side of Le Whaf. It then stays ­suspended inside the glass for a minute before it sinks.

The process going on inside the machinery of Le Whaf is more complicated. It’s filled with ­special crystals (called piezoelectric ­crystals) that vibrate rapidly when Le Whaf is switched on, thereby creating ultrasound waves.

These waves create alternate low and high pressures through the ­liquid which make it bubble and then transform it into tiny liquid droplets that look like a cloud.

So, it’s a giant cool-mist humidifier. I bet it will cost more than $30, though.

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