This Time!

This time my righteous violence will convince them to stop.

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2 thoughts on “This Time!

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    One wonders what these conservative movement genocidal murderous FOX News hosts’ telephone numbers are.

    Ken Buck, the conservative jagoff in his own right, but who was threatened by his fellow so-called Republicans, aka genocidal conservative movement fascists, for his way-too-late criticism of fascist Trump, had his office lease in Colorado canceled by whatever canceling genocidal republican was renting to him.

    Ken Buck, a former Sheriff for cripes’ sakes, and bristling with armaments, would gun down a Jew, a black person, an immigrant, a gay man or lesbian, a woman, any poor person, any homeless person, any liberal, if any of them threatened him and his family, but he’s too much of a pussy, woke, commie snowflake to defend himself with violence against his fellow genocidal republicans.

    I’m trying to imagine coward snowflake Buck switching to the decent, humane side as the looming savagely violent Civil War in this lousy stinking excuse for a Republic hots up.

    If vermin Hamas conservatives wish to shoot, maim, and hang vermin right-wing conservative Buck, he’ll wet his pants and help them fashion the noose.

  2. nooneithinkisinmytree

    They are not going to stop.

    Will Romney or any these other asswipe RINOs vote for Joe Biden and other Democrats/Liberals in the coming elections.

    Will they publicly object to the outright theft of elections in their states from fascist gerrymandering and efforts to limit voting by minorities and all liberals.

    No, they have too much offshore money that might be taxed and they refuse to countenance anyone to the left of the six vermin conservative Supreme Court Judges as possible Supreme Court nominees.

    Romney and filth are all good corporate Germans.

    America is dead. Mark my words.

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