Listening To...

  • All Them Witches - Live In Brussels - Heavy and hypnotic, this is throwback stoner rock for sure, but it's also great anytime! Lots of long, slowly pulsing songs with a lovely Rhodes piano or wailing Les Paul for color. The full show is available on YouTube (though I always buy the album).


  • Newen Afrobeat - Curiche Fela Kuti-style Afrobeat, with influences from their native Chile. Tremendously groovy.


  • Robyn Hitchcock - Life After Infinity. An instrumental record: guitars with occasional bass. Robyn's distinctive improvisational style is free-flowing on several pieces, and you can't mistake his melodies.

    Celestial Transgression

  • Wilco - Cruel Country. They're getting sleepier with each record. And at 21 songs, this takes a while to get through. It's mostly very mellow country rock, recorded live in the studio. But, I saw them a couple of weeks ago, and the songs sound great, live!

    Cruel Country

  • Emma Ruth Rundle - On Dark Horses - This is deep, heavy, atmospheric rock, also in the stoner rock category.


  • boygenius - the record. I hate the word "supergroup". Phoebe Bridgers has a band with two other women, called "boygenius". I am not (yet) familiar with the other two women's other work. If you like Phoebe Bridgers, as I do, you'll probably like this, as I do - all the same descriptors apply to this as apply to her eponymous output.

    Not Strong Enough

  • Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I. I missed this record when it came out in 1999. Situation remedied.

    Back and Forth.

And you?