America is broken.

In case you don't make it to the end, this was made by the US government.

3 thoughts on “RUN HIDE FIGHT

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    Brought to us by the subhuman murderous anti-American, government-killing conservative movement.

    America is dogshit. The experiment is over.

    Alabama is going to declare every miscarriage a homicide investigation.

    FOX and CNN have merged.

    George Santos breaks and makes law. Fuck the Law.

    Utterly corrupt vermin conservative Supreme Court animal Christians.

    Texas and Florida are rats’ nests of violent killers and despotic bugs.

    50 other items, just in the last week.

    The new true woke nomenclature is as follows: all conservatives/republicans are niggers, fags, hooked-nosed Jews, lesbians, Commies, Nazis, rapists, Puerto Rican trans butt-plugged to the hilt.

    That’s what I call them to their faces. They reach for their weapons to teach me a little political correctness on their behalf.

    The rest of us are merely pretty nice diverse people dodging their bullets.

    This will not end well, but end it must, catastrophically.

    Yet they arm us with military-grade weaponry and every fucking statement they make is a dare to kill them. Every vote and election they rig and steal is an invitation for butchery.

    It’s the answer their Death cult craves.

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