4 thoughts on “Lose, Boebert, Lose

  1. wj

    Let us all pray it happens. But just the fact that it looks possible, in her deep red district, is cause for hope.

  2. nooneithinkisinmytree

    “cause for hope”

    This was too:


    This one too:


    What Wonkie said at 11:51am this morning on the “What It Means” thread at OBWI

    “I think a post-Trump page is very dangerous and we are even more under threat of an authoritarian destruction of representative government than we have been this year and during the Trump years.”

    The onrushing cruel Evil of the fascist conservative movement today in America, as in those two other eras, is an inexorable force. It will not be assuaged; it will not be becalmed by the inconvenience of lost elections., anymore than serial killer Ted Bundy was deterred by his temporary stay in an Aspen Colorado jail cell.

    There will be no chastening of their cruel evil natures.

    It should, and will be met with the same indomitable unyielding force this country used against Nazism, Communism, and the murderous white nationalist and racist Christian Confederacy of the 19th century, and that force against this Evil, today in 2022, must be unleashed by my government, as it was in other parlous times.

    If the likes of Boebert, a character ready to murder her enemies (“performance” cruelty, my ass), loses by a few hundreds, that’s not a graveyard I’m going to walk through while whistling. That witch attempted the murder of Nancy Pelosi twice, and nearly succeeded, just as various subhuman ayatollahs attempted the murder of Salman Rushdie.

    The meaning of a Boebert win or losee is that I’m surrounded on three sides in Colorado by hundreds of thousands of armed killers. There is no solace in the fact that those killers (why is Boebert afforded the honor of even running in an election in a supposedly civilized country) might be temporarily outnumbered by a few hundred decent reasonable human beings in a fucking election.

    That kind of thinking is for suckers like Hindenberg.

    This guy, and the fascist likes of him, is invited to every conservative movement confab, every Republican party soiree, every fucking Christian nationalist prayer session in the country:


    And, by the way, fuck anti-semite Kanye West. And fuck Hershel Walker.

    The racist hate-the-other republican party had it on the liberals with their Willie Horton ads in 1988. Today, they have put Willie Horton, in the guise of Walker, up for election to the US Senate in 2022, and will accuse us of being racist for rejecting him, and by God he’d better be rejected.

    Back to my tree, because liberals are not hunted prey in America, despite the tut-tutting of this election season.

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