Our first show since the Before Time was Spoon, at a nifty little 1,200 seat outdoor amphitheater in Wilmington NC.

They were pretty great, much more interesting than the last time I saw them. Being right up front instead of all the way in the back probably helped. But they seemed more into it, too.

They have ten albums out now, so I wasn't expecting many songs from their older records. But, as with the 2008 show, I was a bit bummed that they played nothing from Girls Can Tell (their third) - or from anything before it. And only two from Kill The Moonlight (their fourth). Oh well. What they picked from the other six albums was all good, though.

Great band. Great show. Hope I don't get COVID.

I didn't take this video, but I'm in it.

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    1. cleek Post author

      At this point, I assume it’s everywhere, that everybody has it, and that I’m going to get it, probably many times. I’m still WFH and masking etc.. But, I’ve resigned myself to having COVID some time.

  1. cleek Post author

    By coincidence, I just started listening to a podcast called “The Trap Set”. It’s long discussions with drummers… So as I always do, I first picked a few back episodes to see if I liked it. One I picked was with Spoon’s drummer, Jim Eno – he’s also a producer and has his own recording studio. It was recorded in early 2020, just as the pandemic really got swinging. And this is the very beginning of the interview.

    Host, Joe Wong: So what’s going on at your studio these days? Do you still have people going in and working?

    Jim Eno: No. Unh uh. We pretty much shut everything down right around March, I’d say like March 13, the week before South-By-Southwest. I had a client in the week before and she evidently was hanging out with Tom Hanks the week before. And so that was right when all that stuff went down. So we pretty much locked down and told everyone that was in the studio that day that you need to quarantine…

    Those were the days. Wow.

    I went and voted today, forgot my mask in the car and didn’t feel too scared.

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