Ringless Voicemails

This shitty Republican Senator wants to make sure people can leave robocall voicemails directly on your phone without being subject to anti-robocall rules.

TCPAWorld has previously reported on judicial perspectives of ringless voicemail and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”).

Now the campaign of former Georgia Senator David Perdue has asked the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) to “clarify that delivery of a voice message directly to a voicemail box through ringless voicemail (‘RVM’) technology does not constitute a ‘call’ subject to prohibitions on the use of an automatic telephone dialing system (‘ATDS’) or an artificial or prerecorded voice under Section 227(b)(1)(A(iii) of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (‘TCPA’) or Section 64.1200(a)(1)(iii) of the FCC’s rules.”


More specifically, the Campaign asserts “RVM technology establishes a direct server-to-server connection between the RVM vendor and the voicemail system that bypasses wireless networks.” Further, the technology does not “result in the same ‘annoyance to consumers’ as traditional phone calls…” because “[w]hen a voicemail is delivered… the phone does not ring.” Finally, “[w]ith RVM technology, no call appears on the recipient’s phone bill and no charge is assessed for delivery of the message.”

The FCC has yet to rule on the petition.