South Side Of The Sky

Let's listen to Yes!

South Side of the Sky (2008 Remaster)

You're welcome.


Been on a big Yes binge this week. I just love this one... especially ~5:40 when they come back to the groove after that long, proggy interlude.

6 thoughts on “South Side Of The Sky

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    I shall go ahead and leave a reply.

    I’ve don’t recall ever hearing that song, but that is one very fine mix.

    I can hear everything in its place, low end and high, especially that bass line.

    I’m tempted to have my music buddy listen to the cut, but I’ll have to remind him, yet again, that we are too old to remix his songs yet again.

  2. cleek Post author

    yeah, it’s pretty great. i think that remaster made stuff really pop.

    Chris Squire’s bass sound is really great. i’ve read that he would send the signals from the two pickups on his bass to two different amps, one clean and one with a lot of distortion. so it’s almost like a second guitar and a bass.

    of course i’d only ever heard this played from my uncle’s well-worn vinyl, with the gatefold sleeve full of stems and seeds.

  3. russell

    I love Yes. Really the best prog band, ever, in my very very humble opinion. They somehow never let the music get lost in affected odd-time-signature wankery.

    FWIW, another tune with the same name, but a completely different musical direction. These guys are buddies of mine, I did a few live gigs with them way back when. They had a big-label contract, toured a lot a and had some solid high-profile opening spots, showed up on Conan O’Brien and similar.

    Then, they didn’t.

    They’re all still out there banging away in the biz, with varying levels of success. Bass player now works with Ronnie Earl and Big Al Anderson and is in Lori McKenna’s live band, and at the age of 60 or so no longer has to paint houses to pay the bills. The other guys are going OK, but probably with less prominent gigs.

    One of their tunes is called “Suicide At The Wishing Well”, which is all about trying to play music for a living. Great guys, great musicians.

    1. cleek Post author

      lol. for whatever reason, i was expecting something like Yes. but there’s not a single odd time signature or Moog solo in there! :)

      good tune, nonetheless.

    1. cleek Post author

      that’s a good one, too.

      four-way harmonies are always impressive.

      love that growlin Tele.

      ramble away. that’s what we’re here for.

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