The War Press

Neo-con hawks and their ratings-chasing media ghouls always assert that military intervention is the correct response to foreign policy disputes. And they leave it to everyone else to try to talk them down. They beg the question. They never bother to justify what they demand, they only snidely, sneeringly assert the inevitability of their position.

Happened when this disaster started, happened every time anyone suggested reducing our footprint in Afghanistan, is happening right now as they throw their tantrum and blame everyone but themselves for this 20 year fiasco. Happened in Vietnam. Happened in Iraq (wait till someone finally gets us out of that mess and it's more complicated than calling an Uber to go home).

Maybe it's time we stop letting them control the discussion?

One thought on “The War Press

  1. HinTN

    “Maybe it’s time we stop letting them control the discussion?”

    Been wishing for that for at least the 15 years since I encountered the dismissive phrase, “cocktail weenies” used to describe their sycophancy at Fire Dog Lake (I think it was).

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