Cultural Studies

Things I've learned about the UK from Netflix:

  1. All police detectives are women in their late 30s - usually single women with gruff demeanors.
  2. Their partners or significant co-workers are usually non-Caucasian.
  3. Their bosses are usually black or incompetent, sometimes both.
  4. Cops and wealthier victims always drive new, dark-colored, immaculate, Audis; sometimes a BMW shows up for variety.
  5. Normal people drive ancient econoboxes.
  6. Everything wraps up in six chapters.

10 thoughts on “Cultural Studies

      1. Rob Caldecott

        Safe is the one with Dexter in it right? Oh man, the whole gated community thing isn’t really a thing (assuming i have the right show.) I didn’t finish it but your man does a pretty decent accent.

        I haven’t seen – or heard of before now – Collateral, but Carey Mulligan is a fantastic actor so I’ll binge that soon. Thirteen (Jodie Camer? she’s also amazing) isn’t on UK Netflix but I can probably get it on BBC iPlayer. I heard it’s good.

        Line of Duty is a pretty good show about a team investigating corrupt police officers. There’s probably 5 seasons of it on Netflix. Season 6 just aired here and it was one of the most watched shows in recent history. It gets better with each season.

        Another good one is Unforgotten. It’s a cold case thing and very good. Fits your list of 6 to a tee. Three seasons if you get it in the US and all are great.

      2. cleek Post author

        and also, Behind Her Eyes. which isn’t a cop show, but is a UK murder mystery with lots of shiny dark Audis.

  1. Girl from the North Country

    All absolutely true!

    cleek, do you still have the same contact email you had years ago? I sent you a message about your SIL….

    1. cleek Post author

      didn’t see any email from you :(

      when did you send it?

      but yeah, same email addrs. cleek at this domain should work.

  2. Girl from the North Country

    I think it must have been an old work email, it seems to have a company name in it. I sent it at 14.46, GMT. And as for “cleek at this domain should work” it only shows how to someone like you, it is almost inconceivable how little someone like me understands about tech-related stuff ! have no idea what that would translate to as an email address, I don’t even know what “this domain” means! If you send me a quick one-word email to my address, I will be able to reply. Sorry to be so hopeless.

    1. cleek Post author


      in a web site context, “domain” means “the stuff after the ‘https://’ and up to the first ‘/’ ” . so, “”.

      will send you an email.

  3. wj

    Police procedurals set in the US (and Canada) don’t appear to be all that different. Not all the police detectives are female . . . but all the medical examiners seem to be.

    1. cleek Post author

      it’s point #6 that really sets the UK shows apart, for me.

      i could dedicate my life to watching L&O, but i prefer a UK show that answers all questions in a few episodes. the shorter the better!

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