Feel Good About Killing


Maybe, can we just defund this guy, please ?

1 thought on “Feel Good About Killing

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    Cossacks, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the Japanese Army in Nanking practiced a similar ethic.

    This conservative republican sadist’s wife, mistress, and boyfriend are, however, so gruesomely ugly that pacifism would be the preferred course to taking him down and then following his instructions for the after-party.

    Does he call one or all of them after a day’s bloodshed and purr into the phone: “Baby, today’s body count is better than a year’s supply of Viagra. Get ready, because Daddy is headed your way!”

    One does feel sorry for his sisters and daughters who might get caught in the “crossfire”.

    His mother must be proud.


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