5 thoughts on “So Much Bigger Than I Thought!

    1. HinTN

      Have you been to the Hayden in NYC? They have seen exhibit around the edgeof the open atrium that references everything in size to the sphere of the planetarium itself: from the ginormous relationships as you go around right on down to electron to proton. Plus, they’ve fought appropriately sized (but of course not distanced) planets, as related to the sun, hanging in the middle.

        1. Tony P.

          I visited the Hayden too long ago (1981-2) to remember the exhibit you describe, alas.

          But I do own an old book from Scientific American called “Powers of Ten”, which contains a series of photos (illustrations, obviously, at the far ends) of the “same point” at scales from 10^24 to 10^-16 meters, in 10X increments. I am now inspired to go find it in the attic.


          1. HinTN

            The exhibit I described was installed when the place was renovated in the late nineties or early naughts. Saw it when we went to see Christo’s Central Park installation called The Gates. Both were fabulous.

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