Monday Cat Blogging

The tumor is big, and growing. She doesn't like us to touch it - we assume it's painful. But, she's hanging in there. Dejectedly. Occasionally, she still acts like the cat she used to be, and that's nice. But mostly, she just begs for butter. It's her new favorite thing in the whole world. If I step into the kitchen, she sits by the fridge and waits for butter. First thing in the morning, she waits for butter. She won't eat her normal food unless she gets some butter, first. I can't say no.

5 thoughts on “Monday Cat Blogging

  1. HinTN

    And in what bizarro world would you, or any sentient creature, deny that beautiful being her butter?

  2. Rob Caldecott

    Poor girl. Let her have all the treats. Chicken and tuna with a butter starter.

  3. Countme-In

    In that photo, she looks much like my son’s kitty, Chase, who passed away a year ago at 18.

    Tricksey is a lovely companion. Poor kitty.

  4. Girl from the North Country

    Yes, poor pussycat, but at least she can still take pleasure in something, and you can still take bittersweet pleasure in her. Much fellow feeling, cleek.

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