Junk In My iTrunk

My 64G iPhone started complaining that it was running low on memory. I thought this was unlikely, since I didn't have much more on it than I used to keep on my 16G iPhone.

So, I started deleting pix and music and anything else that looked large. But, I couldn't get the memory usage past 5G free.

As a last resort, I did a backup / reset / restore. After the restore and putting all the music back, I now have 40GB free. So, that's great. I wish I knew what was taking up all the memory, though.

6 thoughts on “Junk In My iTrunk

  1. Slim Pickens

    Settings -> General -> Storage and iCloud Usage
    -> Manage Storage (under the Storage section, not ICLOUD)

    That should tell you how much space each app is eating up. I’ve found I need to clear the Safari cache once in a while because it can collect alot of junk.

    Of course that setting is in a different spot:

    Settings -> Safari
    scroll down to ‘Clear History and Website Data’

    1. cleek Post author

      looked there, but those numbers didn’t add up to the total usage (not even close).

      i suspect it was cached songs that Music had downloaded while ‘streaming’. haven’t found a way to clear that cache manually, though. there are web pages that talk about it but they’re all apparently out of date.

  2. dbati

    Hey Cleek,

    I’ve had to do this twice in the past couple months. Apple tech support has been unable (or unwilling..is more my guess) to tell me why. I only have the 16 GB and it was filling up to the point where I couldn’t take a picture…infuriating. The reset/restore worked for a while, then it happened again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed hat it doesn’t happen again.

    1. dbati

      Hey, so just the other night, I got the dreaded “out of storage” message again! Awesome. I tweeted at tech support and they got right back to me, but were not really interested in helping this time, as i’d already escalated the call the last time.

      I guess a monthly format/restore is in order now.

      1. cleek Post author

        my usage just started creeping back up. 6GB gobbled-up in the last week – haven’t installed anything or added any new music.

  3. dbati

    I think it’s something to do with cached files, but I can’t find a way to clear it out. The stuff I’ve found online is pretty unhelpful.

    I don’t want to have another conversation with Tech Support that eats up an hour of my afternoon and ends up with me doing a reset/restore again.

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